The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


10. Relationships

Angels POV
OMG I just had my first kiss:) and I'm going out with my lover "I love you angel" harry says "I love you too" I say. I wrap my arms around his neck while he wraps his arms around my waist. There was a knock on my bedroom door "who is it?" I say letting go of harry and walking to the door. Nothing. "Who's there?!!" I yell "ha your husband" the person on the other side of the door says "in your dreams! Harry I'm sick of this!" I say opening the door to find a very pale looking man with a gun "oh my gosh seriously!" I yell transforming into a wolf and shaking my head rapidly while breathing out "you can't hurt me!" The man shoots but the bullet stops in front of my face. I turn into human and say "nice try but you'll have to do better love if ya want to marry me" I smirk at his reaction of charging at me with a knife. I put my hand out in front of me "better but not good enough, oh looky here, we have a mortal" I growl "better luck next time, oh wait the wont be a next time" harry says twisting the mans head off "tanisha you want a head!!" I yell taking the head and putting it in front of me waiting for her to magically appear and take it. Which happens "thanks" she says taking a sip "no problem" I say walking past her into the kitchen "NIALL, DADDY!!!" I yell and in a flash they are behind me "what's up sweetie? Did harry hurt you?" He asks growling the last question "no he didn't hurt me, we are going out" I say smiling "yes we are" harry says coming into the kitchen and putting a hand around my waist "yay" Niall says hugging bot of us while dad stands ther with anger all over his face "YOU AREN'T MARRYING HIM!!!! He yells "WHAT? WHY NOT?!?!" I yell "BECAUSE I'VE ALREADY PLANNED A WEDDING WITH YOU AND A GUY NAMED JAKE?!!?" He yells. Wait, I think that was the wolf I killed earlier today? "Oh sorry daddy but he's dead" I say calmly "WHAT?!!!?! HOW?" He yells "I killed him" I say going to my room as its night time "goodnight everyone" I say heading toy room before someone says "I'm coming with you!!" Harry yells "okay im right here no need to yell" I say laughing
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