The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


13. Hate and love

Harry's POV 

i am awoken to the sound of someone screaming. I was about to get out of bed when someone took my head and put an arm around my torso "sorry, but your gonna watch your 'sweetie' in pain!" A young girls voice says. I then hear a door open and close. Angel. I thought. I try to squirm out of the girls grip but I don't succeed "come! We are going to your puny girlfriend" she says. 


Angels POV 

"WHY!!!??" I scream putting my hands to my chest and bending over. I'm such a sucker "FUCK YOU GOD!!?!" I scream falling to my knees "hello ma'am" A mans voice says. I turn around to see a man with a rose in his hand "ugh hi?" I say stepping back "no need to be afraid of a killer" he says stabbing my but I don't react "ugh can I have this knife I really like it?" I ask taking the knife out and putting it into him and watching the sorrow in his eyes go dead. I hear someone clear their throat "ugh hi, I'm an assassin that needs a new assassin. Would you like to be one?" A lady asks "ugh sure. Why not?" I say following her. 


~3 years later~

still angels POV 

I am the best assassin/vampire in the world. I haven't seen Tanisha or harry or Niall for three years now and I'm about to see them. Anyways back to the story. 

I walk up the old and creaky steps. I breath out 'here I go' I thought. I knock on the big blue and white house. I hear shuffling of feet and the door unlocks but doesn't open "who is it?" A mans voice says "I'm here to deliver a pizza for Tanisha harry, Niall, Louis and the rest?" I say in my best American accent as we are in London "I didn't order a pizza" I'm guessing harry Louis and Niall says at the same time "oh well it's food!" Niall says opening the door "ANGEL!!" Niall screams in gulfing me in a massive horan hug "hi Niall" I say "where have you been? And where's the pizza?" Niall asks "I can't tell you and I was joking" I say letting the horan hug go "I'm only here for 48 hours" I say walking in to see Blood everywhere "is this...Harry's tears?" I ask looking at Niall "yeah" Niall says frowning "where is he?" I ask "he's in your room probably filling it with tears" Niall says "wait" he hasn't been out of that room to eat drink or even have blood since you left!" Niall says as I take a couple of steps up the staircase "oh okay thanks" I say walking up the rest of the stairs. I see my blood stained door "angel?" I hear Louis say coming out of the room with a young boy "hi Louis" I say turning and smiling "your an aunty:)" Louis says "aww" I say hugging him "okay ill see ya soon! Gotta feed this blood sucker" Louis smirks "okay bye" I say "ugh harry?" I say after knocking on the door "go away!" Harry says "nope" I say quietly. I knock on the door again but the knock that only me and harry knew. The door slightly opens and harry looked down not looking at me "how do you know that knock? Only me and angel knew" harry says starting to cry "look at me" I say "no" harry says. I lift his chin up and watch as his frown turns to shock "ANGEL!" Harry yells " um can I come into my room now?" I say "sorry" harry says opening the door and signaling me to come in "everyone thought you were dead" harry says as I kiss him and hug "I only have 48 hours here then I have to go" I say starting to cry "why?" Harry says "you know how Taylor swift killed herself?" I ask him putting my hands on my head and walking around the bloody room "yeeeeaaaahhhh" harry says sitting on the bed "I killed her" I whisper running out but being stopped by harry pulling my arm "why?" He asks crying "oh so know you care about her?" I ask crying too "n-no" he says. I read his mind 'I dated her you fucking bitch of course I care about her!' Harry thought "NIALL!!" I scream pulling out of Harry's grasp and running towards nialls door "I'm leaving!" I say walking out the front door "FUCK YOU HARRY STYLES!!" I scream crying "come on angel" my car says "I'm coming jake!" I say as he opens the door for me "thanks jake" I say wiping my tears "what's wrong?" Jake asks pulling out of the drive way "harry styles is going to be assassinated!"

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