The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


9. Brother

Angels POV
"It doesn't matter though harry umm I wanna meet my brother" I say looking around for Niall "oh yeah he's in Louis room same with zayn, Liam and Louis himself" harry says "can we go up there?" I ask "ugh yeah sure if oi want to?" He asks leading me to Louis room. I knock on the door with harry and tanisha behind me, a guy with a blonde strip through his quiff answers it "that's zayn" harry says "oh hi" I say, I'm not very social as you can see "can we come in zayn?" Harry asks for me "ugh yeah I guess so" he says letting me harry and tanisha in. Tanisha goes and sits on Louis lap, and harry sits beside him while I stand "hi angel what's up?" Louis asks me concerned "umm I want timer my real bro" I say "dude what are you talking about?" Louis asks "I'm not your real sister I'm nialls sister" I say pointing to Niall "MOM!!" Louis yells I run out of his room and into mine locking the door behind me, I slide down the door and start to cry. I see blood on my shirt and scream and start to cry more. I wipe the tears away and look at my bloody hand "I'm c-crying blood?" I say to no-one directly. Someone knocks on my door "who is it?" I say trying to hide that I'm crying but don't succeed "it's Niall may I come in?" He asks. I stand up and open the door to hear a gasp "why is there blood all over your face?" He asks grabbing toilet paper and wiping my face "I cry blood Niall I'm not human:(" I say sighing "oh well I'm not either, iheard you killed mom" he says as I close the door behind him "yes yes I did and I'm ashamed" I say breaking down into more tears "oh don't cry your gonna stain your face love" he says "ha" I laugh smiling at the same time "OWW" I yell as I put my fingers to my gum and feel a sharp things in my mouth "what the-" I was cut off by Niall screaming "NIALL HUT UP IM NOT GONNA HURT YOU" I say "no THAT" he says pointing behind me. I turn around and "Niall is" I say walking towards the figure standing there "yes sweetie I'm daddy" he says and opens his arms for me and Niall to hug him. We do and I let go "hi daddy" I say "hello sweetie and hello my big man how are ya?" He says playfully punching nialls arm "I'm good how are you?" Niall asks "not bad son not bad, haven't had human blood for a couple weeks now" he says his face cracking "dad? How am I a hybrid and you and mom weren't?" I ask out of curiousity "we'll umm I don't know actually but I do know that one day you will marry this young man" he says pointing at the door "hey how did you get in curly? I locked the door" I say "umm Louis had a key to this room and he gave it to me" harry says "haha well okay but what did you come here f-OWW" I say as I feel my lip being pricked "to see your fangs you
Look so cute" he says "hey that's my line you dumbass" I say laughing "ouch that hurt, wait I don't have a heart" he says pointing to his chest "huh you are so dramatic curly" I say putting one hand on my hip "only the people I love call me that" he says I blush and look at the floor "daddy am I gonna feed off of humans" I say not wanting to "no we could go hunting with tanisha" he says my mouth drops and I say "olyou know tanisha?" "Of course I do she's Anne cox daughter" he says "ahh dad harry doesn't know her" I say just then tanisha walks in and hugs harry "umm sorry to break it to you but I'm your older sister not Gemma I'm the eldest"
She says squeezing him tighter "I love you tanisha" he says "I love you too big bro" tanisha says "umm guys can me and angel have some alone time please?" Harry asks "ugh sure" Niall tanisha and my dad say and walk out. I close the door behind them "umm angel wouldyouliketobemygirfriend?" Harry asks whispering fats, but of course I heard "does this answer it?" I say lifting his chin and kissing him, I felt my heart start again and fireworks burst everywhere "yeah" he says kissing me again.

~Harry's POV~
I asked her out I can't believe I had the guts to "does this answer it?" Angel says lifting my chin up and kissing me. I felt my heart start again and a tornado burst through it. Man I loved this girl
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