The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


4. Awakening as an immortal

Angels POV
I wake up on the ground with harry next to me holding my hand "eww" I try and let go but he has my hand locked to his. He squeezes it too tight and I scream "what was that for I didn't do no shit to you, curly" then I see a man and a woman in my memories I see Johanna and mark who's not back from the navy, I see Glenn on the floor crying then I see Johanna holding me and running away from something, then I see a woman being turned by Glenn and punched by Glenn. I see a hand in front of my face waving "hello is anybody there" a blonde guy says "your holding Harry's hand" he says as I snap into reality "who the fucks harry?" I say holding my head with my free hand "him" Louis says coming down the stairs and pointing to the curly haired guy next to me "I'm gonna call him curly though" I say as he startes to open his eyes while I'm struggling to release my hand from his grasp "would you let my fucking hand go curly" I say "I can't" he says "no shit" I say trying to pull harder "no I mean I really can't" he says "pfft yeah right I know I'm pretty and stuff but no touchy touchy okay" I say finally releasing my hand and tumbling backwards looking at my red and bruised hand heal "AHH WHAT THE, CURLY IMMA KILL YOU?!?!" I yell standing up and sitting on harry "your light" he says "ahh fuck you" I yell going to my room but stop at my door because someone's in there "GET OUT YOU BASTARD?!?" I yell through the door. No one comes out "I SAID GET OUT!!!" I say growling "what the hell did I just do?" I ask the air "you growled at me" I hear someone say on the other side of the door "GRRR GET OUTTA MY ROOM YOU DEMON" I say as someone bursts out of my room and pins me on the floor. He has black eyes. He comes down and tries to kiss me but I said "you kiss me your dead" I say he kisses my cheek and stops at me neck "I WARNED YOU" I yell flipping him over and braking his arm "wow that was cool" I say pushing my hand through his chest and feeling his heart beat in my hand "I warned you" I whisper in his ear and pull his heart out. He screams and vanishes but not his heart. I walk down the stairs with the geart still in my hands "ahh angel who's heart is that?" Louis says coming down the stairs with a brown haired girl "umm a uhh demons" I say putting the heart in his face, he screams and runs "can I have it?" The gurlwith thee brown hair asks "ugh sure" I say giving it to her "thanks, my names tanisha by the way" she says puttin her hand out "angel" I say raking her hand. She drinks the heart and I say "gross" and walk away from that scene "we'll I see you killed your first bad guy" harry says looking at me with lustful eyes "I'm not kissin ya curly" I say rubbing the blood on his face and then licking it off my fingers "why do I like blood now?" I ask "because your a vampire/werewolf" curly says licking the blood off his lips "oh how long have I been one?" I ask him sitting next to him "since you were born, you know that girl you saw in you mind?" He asks and waits for me to answer "yeah" I say slowly remembering her "well that was your real mother you last name is actually horan" he says politly "oh so I'm related to that blonde guy that bleaches his hair blonde?" I ask "yeah, and his names Niall and your mother was turned into a vamp and she's outside waiting for u" he say at that I speed to the front and see her standing on the front lawn with arms out wide for me to hug her. I speed to her nd hug her crying blood tears "I thought I lost you forever sweetie" my real mom says "no no you didn't" I say between sobs before I can let go I hear a growl behind me "piss off you dumb dog" I say turning toeards the growl. The wolf turns human and says "I hear you need a husband to rule the kingdom" he says walking towards me "umm I've got uhh umm ugh mom who ave I got?" I ask turning towards her "umm I don't know honey" she says looking at the naked man "umm CURLY GET OUT HERE?!?" I yell and in the blink of an eye he's out here "yes my lady" he says "stop it curly" I say turning towards the naked man again "I am going to marry *shivers* curly here" I say pointing to harry looking down "whaa
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