The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


2. Angel

Hi I'm angel tomlinson, yes I'm related to the Louis tomlinson. I'm 17 turning 18 in 2 days yay, umm my parents won't let me out of the house for some random reason. I'm 5"7, I have dirty blonde hair that goes past my bum, I'm skinny, pale, I don't have a job, I know I'm adopted I think and I haven't seen Louis for 3 years ever since he auditioned for x-factor , infact he doesn't even know me:( mom never let's Louis near my bedroom door and when he's one she lets me out to muck around and eat and stuff but when he comes home I'm in my room again:( so that's my life story. Gotta go bye:)
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