Rhymes with Orange

Love. To Sofia, its like something that rhymes with orange.
After being betrayed by two men, one ending in a child, she decided not to trust anyone.
But when her brother kidnapped the famous Harry Styles, hoping to get a reward, her screwed up life sees a bit of sunshine. And some blood.
And, like most stories, this ends in happiness. But you would have to define happiness.

*Is rated green but has extreme language and some hints at stuff. You were warned*


1. Strange Place

Okay, this is my new story. If you like it leave a comment and if you want to be in it, I need another girl. Leave your name and an Idea for the story. Thank you!


Harry POV

"Why did you take him?! I thought you were just going to drop the letter?" A girls voice screamed. 

I was dropped on what felt like a couch and heavy foot steps stomped toward the girl. She yelped as she was pushed to the ground. I opened my eyes to see a man standing over a young women, holding back his fist. I tired to jump up but my feet were tied. So were my hands. I ended up flopping on the floor. The man chuckled and lowered his fist from the girl.

"Just remember what I can do to Molly, Okay?" He backed off of her.

"Go take the boy to his room. His name is Harry. Harry Styles, the boy you so much admire." 

She gasped and ran toward me. I stood with her help, but was to weak to run. I let her take me down some stairs. After the events that just happened, I felt like I could trust her and not die at the hands of her boyfriend, I assumed. Soon I was lying on a different couch and fast asleep.

I awoke to cold skinny hands against my forehead. Immediately, I jumped up and grabbed hold of my capture. My hands and feet were no longer tied, and I was no longer in the living room. I looked at the person now in my hands. It was the girl who was hit last night. Anger boiled inside of me. I could easily take her down and make a run for it. But I saw that she too was a victim of the mans power. I had to escape. With her.

"Okay. On the count of three, were gonna make a run for it. Yeah?" I said to her in a low voice.

Her eyes widened as she shook her head no. I was puzzled.


She gulped and started to talk.

"That's my brother upstairs. He captured you because he needs money and you would be the perfect  ransom. He roped me into it when he took my only daughter Molly. She is supposedly safe, but I'm not sure. So if you would please listen to what he says until I get Molly back would be great."

I saw the hurt in her eyes.  I could tell she was malnourished because of the dirt that streaked her body, and her clothing that was too cold for the middle of winter. And she was too skinny. It was scary that someone could do something to a girl. And I couldn't stand by again. Not after what had happened with Maria. 

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