Rhymes with Orange

Love. To Sofia, its like something that rhymes with orange.
After being betrayed by two men, one ending in a child, she decided not to trust anyone.
But when her brother kidnapped the famous Harry Styles, hoping to get a reward, her screwed up life sees a bit of sunshine. And some blood.
And, like most stories, this ends in happiness. But you would have to define happiness.

*Is rated green but has extreme language and some hints at stuff. You were warned*


2. Irresistible

Sofia POV


Harry Styles was in my house. He was staring me in the eye. I love him and the rest of One Direction. All their songs are my favorite. I had posters of them in my room and all songs downloaded on my iPod nano. But sadly, since my two-person "family" has little money, that's all I could do. Now I have him locked in my two room cellar. Not my dream, but probably every other girls.

"Whats your name? Mines Harry." he asked.

I stared at him and sighed. He could easily knock me down and make a run for it but he wasn't. Why?

"Sofia. I am sorry my brother got you, but he isn't right in the head anymore. Not after mom and dad died. Since he was over 21, he could take custody of me. Now he's 25 and I'm 19."

The whole time I was talking, he kept looking around the small room. Not much to look at, though, One small bed, where Molly used to sleep, a bed side table, and another door, leading to another identical room.

"Sofia! Get your ass up here now! Tie up the boy and lock the door! Now!" Shane's voice rung through the house. He sounded heavily intoxicated and from the sound of shuffling feet, it sounded like more then one person was upstairs. Looks like he brought his buddies over. Hopefully not Molly's dad.

"I'm sorry. I have to tie you up. Please stay quiet. I'll bring you down some food later."

Surprisingly, he listened. I tied his hands and feet and was halfway out the door when he asked me something.

"Why are you caught up in this? And how long has he been doing this too you?"

I just shook my head and left.

Upstairs, Shane was parked in front of the TV with his three buddies. All of them helped nab Harry.

The TV was blaring some news channel. And they were talking about Harry's disappearance.

"'The famous Harry Styles, 19, was taken from his hotel at three this morning. The police are looking into this. He was last seen being carried into a gray car, carried by three large men. His band mates are giving their statements now.'"

The screen switched to a young women interviewing Louis. Liam stood on his right and Niall on his left.

"When did you last see Harry, Louis?" she asked. He was crying.

"When he left to get a drink from the downstairs bar. He said he would come back later. He never returned."

The three boys hugged and cried. Even the news woman shed a tear.

"'There you have it, folks. If you have any information on the missing person, please call the following number. Thank you.'" Shane shut the TV off and turned toward me.

"Get on the table and lay on your back. Now." He smiled and s did his buddies. I knew what was coming and was not excited.

"Just think of Molly. Molly and Harry." I muttered to myself as I lay on the cool glass table, sticky with beer.


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