Complicated Choices

Shyenne is a 14 year old 8th grader who is attending Monroe Middle School for her last year. She meets new faces and her old friends but she faces her 5th grade crush. Will she confess her feelings for him? Or will things get complicated when someone else develops feelings for her?


2. Reunited

I looked up and saw fifth grade crush.. "Sorry I'm just in a bad mood..",I said. He smiled, "May I sit here?" I shrugged and turned back to staring out the window heart pounding a mile a minute. I tapped my finger nervously during the quiet ride anxious to get to school. "Hey you okay?",Lucas asked placing his hand on mine. I looked at our hands touching and looked at his angelic face. Kind brown eyes silky brown hair so gorgeous. "Hello? Shy?",Lucas said. I felt my cheeks turn red and I moved my hand away.. " Sorry I'm just so anxious to get to school..",I said. He nodded and looked at the kids across the aisle playing thumbs wars. "So how's life?" Lucas asked suddenly. I looked at him and laughed my sides hurting as I stopped. "Sorry it's just that out of all the things you could've brought up it had to be that question!!",I giggled. He finally got it and joined in laughing at himself. "Well my brother is in 4th grade now with honors thanks to me- hold your applause till the end. And I'm playing basketball and life is awesome!", i exclaimed. He started clapping which caused me to laugh again. "Well you were always the smart one. And that's pretty cool you like basketball I always thought you were the academic type not the physical type..",he said still laughing. I smiled and looked outside, "We're here..",I said sadly. I looked at him and saw him frowning. "Aww but we were having fun..",he whined. I rolled my eyes, "Cmon lets go besides I always take the bus!",I said. He grinned and grabbed his stuff dragging me behind him.
We finally got our schedules and found out we had 3 classes together. We grinned at each other and went off to first period in different directions. Ms.Honey was very nice and fun and she made grammar sound fun which I thought was awesome. "Okay who can tell me what regions of Europe did the Germans conquer? Anyone?",Ms.Honey asked. I raised my hand and answered, "Sweden, Denmark, and France?" She nodded and continued on with the lecture about the book "Number the Stars". When lunch came around I sat with my best friends; Noah, Victor, Mauro, Megan, Monique, and Victoria. "Hey Slenderwoman!!",Victor called. I rolled my eyes and reunited with my AWESOME friends...
*Hopefully you liked it!! Tell me what you think I'll try to update next Friday!! :)*
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