Complicated Choices

Shyenne is a 14 year old 8th grader who is attending Monroe Middle School for her last year. She meets new faces and her old friends but she faces her 5th grade crush. Will she confess her feelings for him? Or will things get complicated when someone else develops feelings for her?


1. New Faces, Old Friends, Old Crushes

I woke up to the sunlight streaming through my window. I got up and headed to the bathroom and fixed my hair and brushed my teeth. Once I was done getting ready I headed downstairs and sat at the table. "Morning Mom!", I said as I grabbed a plateful of eggs and bacon. " Good Morning Shy!! Slow down you'll ruin your good polo!", she said laughing. I swallowed my food and grabbed my bag. "Okay I have to go  before I'm late, bye Mom!", I yelled. I ran towards the door and bumped straight into my Dad,"Woah slow down sweetie! What's the rush?" "I need to go and catch the bus, Bye Dad!", I said and with that i ran out the door.

  It's 8:16and the bus is still not here. "Ugh where is it I'm going to be lat?" I said. I sighed and took out my book and started reading. By 8:23 the bus arrives and I got in and sat in the back. A lot of people were chatting away while i was alone, I stared out the window mindlessly into space when we stopped. I flashed back into reality and noticed we were at  Thornrise Dr. and i saw more kids piling in. I sighed and stared back outside the window. I felt someone tap my shoulder, "Go away seat taken.." " Well good morning to you too Shy!", someone said. I recongnized the voice and looked up, I felt my cheeks burn as I saw who it was.

* Hi this is my first story I've ever published and i hoped you like it so far! Sorry if it's too short! Leave any suggestions and maybe I'll use it! :)*

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