Complicated Choices

Shyenne is a 14 year old 8th grader who is attending Monroe Middle School for her last year. She meets new faces and her old friends but she faces her 5th grade crush. Will she confess her feelings for him? Or will things get complicated when someone else develops feelings for her?


3. Deal...

  I smiled and walked over to my weird friends. I gave Victoria, Megan, and Monique a hug and buzzcutted Mauro, Noah, and Victor. "HEY!!", the guys shouted. Me and the girls laughed and took a seat on the bench and took out our lunch.

 "I missed you guys so much! How was your summer?", I asked

  "Fine" "Boring" "Pretty Good" "Bad" "Awesome!" "Ehhh...", was all I got out of them.

   I sat there confused and looked at Victoria expecting an actual answer. 

   "I went camping with my family for 2 weeks and went to Colorado to visit my cousins.....", Victoria said.

   I nodded then zoned out as Noah started blabbering on about Dance camp in Nevada with his half cousin Samuel. 

  "Shy you still there? You've been staring at THE Lucas Ionia the whole time I was talking...", Noah said concerned.

  I shook my head and looked back at my friends who was looking at me concerned. I nodded, "Yeah I'm good." They turned back to talking about the summer and I just listened joining in occasionally but I was distracted by a brown hair boy sitting with the populars. I finally snapped back into reality when I was pulled into the breezeway by three sets of hands.

 "Okay spill it Shy why are you staring at Lucas?!?", Megan asked.

 "I'm not staring at him I'm just zoning out ok?", I said stubbornly.

 They nodded then turned to one another and whispered something I couldn't hear. I saw Monique look at me and smile evilly. My eyes widen and I turn around and see Lucas throwing away his trash. When I turn back Victoria was gone and Megan grabbed my arms and pushed me towards Lucas. I knew something was up the minute I saw Monique's evil smile which rarely showed unless she was planning something. I struggled to get out of her grip but failed, next thing I know I'm face to face with Lucas Ionia.

 "Uhh hey I'm sorry about that. Their my best friends I can't do anything.", I said. 

He laughed, "Its okay I know what it's like. Looks like they're arguing about something though."

  I turned to my group of friends and saw Megan, Victoria, and Monique arguing with Victor about something.

 "Hmmm ill talk to them later. Are you trying out for the Boys basketball team?", I asked.

  "Yea how about you?",he replied.

  "Yup but I'm going for the GIRLS team.", I said.

   "Well i heard the boys and the girls team are practicing together. We're partners deal?", he said. 



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