Complicated Choices

Shyenne is a 14 year old 8th grader who is attending Monroe Middle School for her last year. She meets new faces and her old friends but she faces her 5th grade crush. Will she confess her feelings for him? Or will things get complicated when someone else develops feelings for her?


4. Banana Boy and The Chocolate Plague

    After that embarrassing encounter with Lucas I stormed over to my girls glaring at each and every one of them. "Had fun?", Megan asked smirking. I wanted to smack that smirk off her face but my thoughts were interrupted by Victor placing a hand on my shoulder. "Megan stop teasing her its not nice.", he said. I smiled and him, "See at least one of my friends are sane."

 "It's my job to tease her why didn't you tell me?!?", he whined.  My hand met the back of his head as I smacked him for his immaturity. "Shut up and I take back what I said about you being sane your freaking insane", I snapped.   

    He looked at me dead in the eye slowly creeping towards me. I started backing up frightened at his expression. He was getting closer by the second and i was running out of space to back up. I looked at Monique begging for her to do something to stop his intimidating stare. She shrugged knowing that with Victor's temper there's nothing she could do. I felt my back hit the wall behind me and Victor was dangerously close for my liking. He towered over me even though we are about the same height and smirked at me. "Tsk tsk. Shy you really shouldn't have said that now you must be punished." 

    My eyes widened as stared up at his dark eyes. He pinned me against the walls and started tickling me! "St-Stop!! I'm Sorry!!!"I shouted. "No! Say I'm the most awesome, handsome, funny,intelligent, and the most sane person in the world!", he yelled. People started staring at us like we belonged in an insane asylum. The girls, Mauro, and Noah were laughing there asses off watching us argue. My side was hurting so much I couldn't take it anymore. "OK!! You win!! Your the most awesome, handsome, funny,intelligent, and the most sane person in the world!" I screamed. He jumped off satisfied and went back to eating his banana.

I crossed my arms and pouted as my friends laughed at our immaturity. "Asshole..", I muttered. Victor turned around and stared at me, "I'm sorry what did you say?" "Oh nothing just that there's a fly on your banana and your about to eat it....", I replied smirking. He spit out his banana and was freaking out. "FLY GERMS FLY GERMS IN MY MOUTH!!", he screamed. I started laughing and fell off the bench clutching my stomach. Everyone was either giggling or laughing hysterically just like me.

  When I finally calmed down I looked at Victor who was now pouting instead of me. I smirked and sat beside him. "You made me spit out my precious banana..",he whined. I rolled my eyes and handed him my banana. His eyes lit up as he devoured my banana leaving the peel behind. "What just happened?", Victoria asked confused. "Banana boy here thought there was a fly on his banana and almost ate it..", I said casually. He glared at me and stole my cookie sticking his chocolate covered tongue. "Ewww that's gross!,"Megan said. "RUN HE HAS THE CHOCOLATE PLAGUE!!",Mauro yelled. I grabbed my backpack and ran with Mauro down the breezeway with a chocolate tongued Victor trailing right behind us. 

      *Yay I finally made another chapter! Although its not pretty good. Please comment any ideas for the story. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Well that's it for today!       





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