Juliane blake and liam payne have known each other since they were kids and eventualy they began dating,but their friendship was ruined after their breakup; but when they meet again on the streets of london,will they become friends or stay enemies?


1. hey...




It was friday afternoon,me and juliane were hanging out  after school like usual,ive had feelings for her for a while,but i dont think she feels the same back,but i guess ill never no if i dont ask right?; we were sitting outside in the backyard of my house just talking.

"its so beautiful today"she said and cuddled up to me...WHOA! that was shocking, i mean shes never done that before!

"just like you"i replied 

"whoa what?...did you just say im beautiful?!"she said shocked

"well....i..yeah"i replied with a smile

"aww thanks li"she replied

"hey...juliane,weve been best friends for a while-"i began

'since we were 5"she interupted

"yeah,and  well,i was wondering if you maybe want to go out with you no be my girlfriend?"i said  nervously

"sure"she said

"are you serious? your actually willing to go out with me?,cmon juliane you no you can do better than me im a total dork!"i argued

she laughed, "li, i no i can do better than a dork like you,but i dont want to,because i like you "

"but im a loser, ive never even had a girlfriend before, and everyones always bullying me"

"li your not a loser,and they only bully you because you dont stand up for yourself!"

"then why are you dating me! i dont stand up for myself im a wimp!"

"because i love you!, i love you liam james payne!,i always have and i always will"she said and kissed me on the lips. 

"i love you to" i smiled

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