Juliane blake and liam payne have known each other since they were kids and eventualy they began dating,but their friendship was ruined after their breakup; but when they meet again on the streets of london,will they become friends or stay enemies?


2. hey! get away from him!



I was walking down the hallway going to class when i heard what sounded like liam scream.i ran in the direction of it and saw 2 guys from the football team beating liam up

"HEY! GET AWAY FROM HIM!"i shouted and they turned around

"juliane!"liam yelled you could tell he was in 'payne'.

"oh hey its juliane blake,hey juli"James said

"james,shelton get away from liam!"i demanded

'why?"they asked

"because hes my boyfriend"...they started laughing

"nice one juliane"

"im not joking"

"oh..WHY ARE YOU DATING THAT WIMP?!"shelton asked

"because i love him have you not been listening"

"come on juli why date that when u can have this"james said and wraped his arm around my shoulder.i pushed him into the wall and kicked him where NO MAN should EVER be kicked,he fell to the floor

"cmon babe"i said and grabbed liams arm quickly dragging him away.

"babe are you okay?"i asked

"yeah im fine"liam replied,i pulled him in for a hug and he hid his head in my neck, i could tell he was crying...why do they always have to pick on liam i mean come on its not fare. but i no things will get better for him,eventually hes going to make them all regret everything theyve done to him

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