Jealousy can break even the strongest friendships.


5. Wait, you know her?

-Anne's POV- 

It had been a week since my sister and I bumped into Zayn and still she could not seem to shut up about it. I don't blame her though, I was like that when I met Harry and personally I know how much she wanted to meet him. Honestly, I never took a liking to Zayn as much, I just got a negative vibe from him so not getting a photo with him didn't affect me a lot. My sister and I were having dinner in the same restaurant where we had bumped into Zayn and thankfully, it wasn't very crowded. I hated crowds and I always tried to avoid being around large groups of people so I was absolutely comfortable with the surroundings of the restaurant that day. My sister and I were eating our food happily and having a nice conversation about London and it's beauty.

"So, how have you been liking my second home sis?" I asked my sister with a smile.

"I love it!!! The shopping here is great and I just love the weather here! Also not forgetting that I met Zayn thanks to this lovely country!" She replied enthusiastically and giggled towards the end.

I smiled at her reaction and thought to myself how happy I was to have a family member with me. Studying overseas may be an exciting experience but it does get a bit lonely sometimes and I couldn't have asked for anything more than to have my sister with me during my mid-term break. Our conversation carried on until I realised my sister's eyes trailing somewhere behind me. She stopped talking and her mouth was left wide agape. Confused by my sister's sudden actions, I turned around to see Zayn standing at the counter, probably waiting to be seated. I immediately remembered what happened the last time we met Zayn and soon, turned back to face my sister, still embarrassed about my actions the previous time. My sister on the other hand, wasted no time in standing up and adjusting her outfit before walking over to Zayn. I also realised that we had finished our meal so there was no reason for me to sit at the table anymore so reluctantly, I stood up and followed behind my sister slowly. 

-Zayn's POV-

I was at the restaurant waiting to be seated when I noticed a tall girl approaching me. She looked quite familiar and when I looked closely to see another girl behind her, I immediately remembered who those two girls were. They were the girls that I met just about a week ago. The taller one walking towards me eagerly was the one I took a photo with and the girl behind her was the one that strangely didn't take a photo with me. I gave a small nod to the taller girl walking towards me. I wasn't going to lie, she was very beautiful, but somehow my eyes found themselves trailing to the girl behind her. I couldn't help but flash a wide smile at the sight of her. There was something about this girl that was so alluring, something that made her different from other girls. I just didn't know what that something was.

Soon, the taller girl was right in front of me, smiling widely. She must have read the news about my break-up with Perrie, seeing the way she flirted with me. However, what constantly bugged me was the fact that the girl behind didn't seem to care that I, Zayn Malik, was standing right infront of her In fact, she seemed a bit bored and looked like she couldn't wait to leave the place. That just made me want to know her even more. Her not showing any interest in me created a spark in me that wanted me to get to know her better, and to get closer to her. I was flirting back with the gorgeous taller girl infront of me but my attention kept diverting to the girl behind her. I was about to say something to the girl behind her when I felt a rough but light nudge against my shoulder,

"Heeeey Zayn!!! Told you I'd make it on time!" The curly-haired Harry said to me. He gave me a smile and soon took in the presence of the two girls standing infront of me. He looked at me and gave me a subtle wink and proceeded to scan the appearances of the girl. He looked at the taller girl first and then the girl behind her and something happened that I could not possibly describe. It was as if Harry's face simply lit up at the sight of the girl behind the taller girl. 

"Anne...?" Harry called out shakily.

The shy girl behind the taller girl, who was looking down, looked up and her face lit up when she saw Harry. When I saw that happen I felt something I had never felt before. It was as if my heart dropped a little when I saw her genuinely smile at Harry. Harry was grinning like a child on Childrens' Day by now and he walked past the taller girl and to Anne. He took out his phone and was typing in some numbers on his keypad. Great, now he has her number... I thought to myself. I could feel a bit of jealousy in me as I saw her smile and laugh and the way she looked at Harry almost killed me. I didn't realise I was so overcome by this feeling of jealousy when a small push brought me back to reality. I saw Harry standing infront of me looking a little confused and he opened his mouth to say,

"So are you going to have a seat or what? I'm starving!" He was clearly in a good mood and I gave him a small smile back and nodded my head to say yes.

Harry waved goodbye to Anne as she waved goodbye to him and I waved goodbye to the both of them in general. I saw them walk out of the restaurant and I my eyes just couldn't leave Anne. My eyes followed her until she was out of sight and I took my seat at the table we were asked to sit at. 

"So, Haz know that girl???" I asked Harry, and he happily nodded and explained to me how they met and how she caught his eye ever since the first time they met. Feeling's mutual buddy... I thought to myself as he rambled on and on about how much he loved her smile, her face and everything about her. After what seemed like forever, he finally stopped talking about her and I made a decision that I was not going to tell Harry about how I felt about Anne and I would try my best to get to know her myself. Harry clearly liked this girl and I didn't want to get in his way but I knew I had some feelings for Anne too and I was not going to let them go that easy. There was something special about her that made her so captivating and I just needed to get closer to her.

But how was I going to do that?

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