Jealousy can break even the strongest friendships.


4. Stupid pact

-Anne's POV- 

It had been a month since I met Harry Styles and it was also my half-term break. I was especially excited for this half-term break because my sister was coming over to London to see me and spend a week with me. I was so glad to finally see someone from my family again and I was at the airport eagerly waiting for her arrival. Her plane had landed and I was keeping a look out for her as people started streaming out of the arrival hall. I spotted her head in a sea of many other heads and called out her name. She looked at the direction of where the call came from and we were soon running towards each other. I pulled her into a long hug, tearing up a bit.

"I missed you sis!" I said shakily, laughing it off a bit.

"I missed you too! I heard you finally met the man of your dreams?" My sister replied back and gave a small chuckle. I immediately started telling her about the whole story of me meeting Harry Styles, as she listened intently. Even though she never understood why I was so in love with him, I could tell she was really happy that I met him from the broad smile plastered on her face. I helped her with her luggage and we headed off to the hotel she was going to stay in. I was going to stay in the hotel for a week with her and I just couldn't wait for all the catching up and time we were going to spend together.

We arrived at the hotel and she checked in. We entered the hotel and room and she flopped down on the bed, exhausted from the long flight she had to endure. I told her that I was going to head to my hostel to grab my things that I would need for the week and come back to the hotel. I also told her to try and get some rest while I was gone and suggested to go for dinner out in the city of London to celebrate her first day here. She agreed to that and I headed back to my hostel to grab my stuff. I was back at the hotel in two hours and my sister was much more awake after the quick nap she had taken. We both got dressed up and headed into the heart of London to have dinner at a nice restaurant.

We found a very fancy restaurant to eat at online and I was looking down at my phone to figure out where it was when my sister started squealing and tapping me on my shoulder fast. We were just outside the hotel and I looked up to see what the fuss was all about. What I saw was something, or should I say, someone I definitely was not expecting to see. Zayn Malik, was standing a few metres away from us, on the phone. My sister ran up to where he was as soon as he put the phone down and I quickly followed after her. My sister, not wanting to waste any time, quickly asked him if she could get a photo with him, which he gladly agreed to. I got my camera out and helped her snap a photo. I was about to step forward for a photo with him too when I remembered this really stupid pact I had made with my sister years ago.

We had agreed that my sister would never ever get a photo with Harry Styles if I never got a photo with Zayn Malik, seeing that they were each our favourite members from One Direction and  we were probably really childish years ago and did not want either of us to get a photo with our favourite member. All I did was then give him a small smile and wait for my sister to start walking away. I followed her fast, embarrassed by what just happened. He had a confused look the whole time, probably wondering why I wasn't stepping forward to ask for a photo too. I soon shrugged the thought off my mind, distracted by my sister squealing and thanking me for not getting a photo with him. She assured me that Harry Styles was all mine and she would never get a photo with him, and I couldn't help but smile, seeing her so happy.

I'd pass up the opportunity of a photo with Zayn anytime for my sister.

-Zayn's POV-

So the weirdest thing just happened to me. Okay no, a few weird things just happened to me. I had broken up with Perrie, after finding out she had cheated on me while I was away on tour. I wasn't too upset about it, I was expecting a break-up sooner or later, seeing our relationship had been so shaky these past few months. Secondly, I just met two girls, one probably my age and one younger than me, and the younger one passed on the opportunity of a photo with me, which was something that never usually happened to me and really bugged me. The worst part was, she was so beautiful and completely took my mind off Perrie for a moment.

Who was she and why didn't she want to get a photo with me?


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