Jealousy can break even the strongest friendships.


2. She's beautiful

-Anna's POV- 

I was at Tesco's getting some groceries for the month. I headed straight for the canned food items section, I had to have canned tangerines, they were my absolute favourite snack and I couldn't go without them whenever I went grocery shopping. While getting some canned tangerines from the shelf and placing them in the basket I was holding, I couldn't help but notice an old lady trying to reach for the top shelf to get some canned food. Without hesitation, I walked towards her and offered to help her get the canned food she was reaching for. The problem was, I completely forgot about being short and soon found myself on tiptoes trying to reach for the canned food too. 

Good going Jane, go ahead and make a fool out of yourself infront of this old lady. 

I thought to myself and mentally scolded myself for my silliness and rash actions but my train of thoughts were interrupted by a hand reaching for the canned food from behind me. I stood back on my heels and turned around to see a tall and curly-haired boy facing the old lady and passing her the canned food. I smiled in relief and acknowledged the thanks I got from the old lady for trying to help her. After seeing her walk away slowly, I turned my attention to the kind boy who saved me of embarrassment and helped the old lady get her canned food. 

I nearly died of shock when I saw that the boy standing infront of me was the one and only Harry Styles. I couldn't find any words to say and probably just looked like an idiot staring at him, gobsmacked.

"You're welcome...?" He said with a smile curving on his lips.

I snapped out of my shock and immediately responded with a shaky thank you. He smiled at my response and I blurted out if I could get a picture with him. He gladly agreed and I put my basket on the floor, got next to him, got my iPod out and took a few photos with the self-camera, just to be safe that at least one or two photos would turn out okay. I moved away from his side and stood back next to my basket, smiling at him. He looked down at my basket after making awkward eye contact with me for a while.

"You like canned tangerines too?" He asked and I nodded happily. I looked at my watch and back at him and apologised that I had to leave. He nodded and said goodbye to me as I picked up my basket and rushed to the counter to pay for my groceries. As much as I didn't want to leave, I had to get back to my college fast in time for my curfew. 

I can't believe I've just met Harry Styles.


-Harry's POV-

I turned to see her rushing to the check-out counter to pay for her groceries. I smiled to myself. A few things caught my attention about this girl. Firstly, she was obviously a nice person for wanting to help the old lady to get the canned food from the top shelf. I smiled to myself as I thought about how cute she looked on her tiptoes trying to reach for the canned food. Secondly, she was so beautiful. Her eyes were big and caught my attention, and her smile was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Also, she didn't even freak out, like most fans do, when she saw me and asked for a photo in a very cool manner, which I really liked. She seemed like the perfect girl. I guessed that she was a few years younger than me based on her looks. She clearly wasn't British though, so  was she an international student, or just on holiday? I snapped out of my thoughts and realised I had been standing at the same spot staring at the check-out counter that girl had just been too. She clearly wasn't there anymore and I felt my heart drop a little when I saw that.

I got my basket and proceeded to the check-out counter to pay for my items. As the check-out lady scanned my items, she pulled out the canned tangerines from my basket and I smiled to myself, thinking about her again and the fact that she liked canned tangerines too. I paid for my groceries and proceeded to my car. By the time I reached my car, I realised that she was still on my mind and I just couldn't get her out of it. Not many girls have had this effect on me before, she was definitely something but I frowned to myself as I got into my car.

I didn't even know her name.

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