Jealousy can break even the strongest friendships.


3. Fate

-Harry's POV- 

By the time I reached home and flopped down onto my couch, she was still on my mind. I was so frustrated with myself, why didn't I just ask for her name or twitter? Her smile, her wavy black hair, big brown eyes and every little thing about her kept flashing in my mind and I could do nothing about it. I shut my eyes and tried to relax and think of something else, which was a bad idea. The minute I closed my eyes, the whole scenario at Tesco's started playing in my mind. My eyes shot open and I sat up. 

Who is this girl and what is happening to me?

Frustrated, I took out my phone and went to Twitter. Reading through my timeline should get my mind off her. I was scrolling through my timeline when a particular tweet caught my eye.

"1Dcrew: My friend met Harry at Tesco's today!"

With no hesitation I went to that Twitter account and looked through the account's latest tweets. It was as if fate made that tweet appear on my timeline. A picture of that girl and I was tweeted out some time ago. Even though it may be a little creepy, I saved that photo in my phone and went on to read the rest of the tweets. After a few minutes of stalking a 1D  fan account, I silently praised myself for following that account and also found out that the girl's name was 'Anne'. I smiled to myself, happy that at least I knew her name now. However, I couldn't find her twitter. I was just about to close the Twitter application on my phone when another tweet from that fan account caught my eye again.

"1Dcrew: Sorry guys! Anne doesn't want people to find out her twitter account, personal issues :-("

Ah so that's why I couldn't find her twitter account. I sighed to myself, I wanted to follow her and send her a direct message to ask for her number or ask her out for a date.

Now how was I going to ever see her again?

-Anne's POV-

Wow I was so mad, in a friendly way of course, with Emily for tweeting out that photo of me and Harry earlier at Tesco's. I showed her the photo because she was my best friend but I warned her that I didn't want it to be tweeted out on her fan account, which had a whole lot of followers. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against One Direction, but I wouldn't call myself a Directioner. I loved their songs and yeah they were a bunch of good-looking boys but I wasn't some crazy hardcore fan that would stalk them to the ends of the Earth. I really, really liked Harry though. He caught my eye ever since he auditioned for The X-Factor as a solo artist. I was gutted he didn't get through bootcamp though, but hey look where he is now, touring all over the world with millions of screaming fans everywhere.

I knew that if Emily tweeted out my twitter account, lots of fans would follow me on Twitter. I wasn't bothered by that, but by the fact that many of them would be tweeting me stuff and asking me things like how I met him and what it was like. I knew this because I've seen the twitter accounts that Harry has followed and they all have lots of followers and get  lots of mentions. My twitter account was something personal, even my siblings didn't know about it and I didn't want people I don't know following me and finding out about my personal life. Luckily, Emily agreed to not tweeting out my twitter account so she was forgiven.

I was looking down at my phone as Emily was still fangirling about me meeting Harry. The photo of him and I was now my phone background and I smiled to myself as I looked at it. He was so much more beautiful in person and the sweetest person ever. He actually helped an old lady, I thought famous people didn't have time to waste on helping normal folk like us. He was different and that's why I liked him. I started thinking about what happened at Tesco's and wished that I didn't have to leave so fast. I could have talked to him a bit and maybe given him my number, if he was interested. I laughed to myself, why would he want my number? Oh God I was dreaming so much, why would one of the most famous boys in the world want my number? I shook that thought off my mind and looked up to see that Emily had gone to the bathroom. I got into my bed and pulled the cover up to my chin as I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. It was getting really late and today had been a long day.

Oh how I wish I could meet him again.


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