Ximena is best friends with Perrie Edwards. When Perrie finally introduces Ximena to her boyfriend and his friends her life changes. When two boys fall for her, who will she choose? There will be tears, heart brake, and love. Read and find out who she chooses


8. You Again?

Niall's POV:

I didn't even know that i feel asleep when my phone vibrated. I groaned a little until i remembered who was the last person i texted. I dashed to phone so fast and was so happy to see that Ximena texted me back. She said she was with Perrie and asking what i am doing. I know i shouldn't be this excited just for a text but she makes me really happy. I started texting her: Oh i am just in my room and would you and Perrie like to come and hang out with the boys? I am hoping she says yes. I hope i can spend time with her so i can get to know her better, and maybe see if there is any future. I know there is she is just so beautiful an fun to be around with. I felt my phone vibrate again and see Ximena texted me. It said....

Ximena's POV: 

After i sent both texts i just plopped on my bed. I don't know what is happening maybe Perrie is right, maybe i have a small crush on both boys but i have to stop. i am pretty sure they don't share the same feelings. My phone vibrated next to me and see Nialler has texted me, that if Perrie and i would like to hang out with them today. Just a couple of minutes before Niall texted me Pezz had to go to the studio because Little Mix has to rehearse for the Teen Awards. I texted Niall saying that i would love to hang out with them today but Pezz can't make it because she is at the studio rehearsing with Little Mix. I got out of bed and since i was already wearing some shorts and a floral shirt, i was just going to apply some perfume and lip gloss. I grabbed my keys and opened my car. I totally forgot i didn't know where they lived. I took my phone out of my pocket and saw that Niall had texted me and I didn't even feel my phone vibrate. I opened the text to find the address. I recognized the street and it was not far away. I started my car and started to drive. I was shocked at the mansion that was in front of me. Yes, Pezz and I live in a big house but this was completely different. Their house was like a fairytale. I walked to the front door and ringed the doorbell. I heard shouting and something shatter into pieces. The door was flung open and there stood a beautiful blue eyed boy with blond hair in front of me. He smiled once he saw me and i smiled as well.

"Ximena!!" Niall said with his Irish accent engulfing me with a Horan hug.

"Nialler!! You are squishing me" I told him laughing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean too" He said while scratching his neck. "Come in"

I walked inside and stood there not knowing what to do. Niall closed the door and led me to where the guys were. I saw Liam cleaning the a broken vase that was on the floor. 

"Hi Liam"

"Hi Ximena"

"What Happened? Do you need any help?"

Liam smiled and said "Niall and Louis were tackling each other to open the door for you, since Niall told us you were coming. And no thanks join the others, Harry is upstairs sleeping, Josh is also here, he is our drummer. 

I froze on the spot hearing Josh's name. It couldn't possibly be the same Josh. I haven't heard of him since we broke up. I must of dazed off because Niall was waving his hands in front of my face.

"Are You ok Ximena?"

"Yeah I'm Fine, i was just thinking of something." I stuttered a little hopefully Liam or Niall didn't notice. Niall Just nodded and led me to the living room. While walking there i heard voices laughing and talking. I was nervous to see what i am going to be facing. I am not afraid of the boys but of being faced again with the same Josh. I relaxed because there is no chance that the Josh that broke my heart was here again.

When we got there Niall said "Hey guys Ximena is here to hang out with us."

Suddenly everything went into slow motion. As he turn around my heart shattered. I just felt like crying but i had to keep my cool.

"You again?" I said 


~~~Hope this was a long and good chapter! I need feedback and if you have suggestions tell me on the comment box. Suspense!!! What is going to happen next?

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