Ximena is best friends with Perrie Edwards. When Perrie finally introduces Ximena to her boyfriend and his friends her life changes. When two boys fall for her, who will she choose? There will be tears, heart brake, and love. Read and find out who she chooses


1. The Morning Routine

Ximena's POV:

Perrie and I have been best friends before she was famous. She is always there when i need her, even though she might be a little crazy. Who am i kidding she is completely insane. Maybe that is why we have such a good friendship we are not afraid to be our selves. I sit in the our humungous living room eating my corn flakes for breakfast while watching E! News. It was 9:00 am, Perrie was still not up, and i don't start work until noon. As i watch E! News, i see  a report about One Direction, I groan at the sight of them, I put a pillow to my face trying to block the sound. Don't get me wrong, I like their music, but seeing their faces everywhere gets very frustrating. I decided to turn of the telly, and wake up Perrie. I put my bowl in the sink and wash my hands before i go upstairs. As i walk up the stairs, being the clumsy person i am i trip over some books i left in the hallway. "Only my luck", i whispered to myself. When i finally get to our room, I try to be extra quiet so i can see if she is awake. Who am i kidding if i don't wake her up, she never will leave the bed. Even when she was in tour with her bandmates from Little Mix, Jessie was always waking her up. I tiptoed all the way to her bed, and then i jumped on her bed yelling, "WAKE UP PERRIE DON'T BE A LAZY BUTT!" All i heard was a groan and i got out her bed, as she was beginning to wake up. "Why so much noise in the morning" Perrie mumbled. "It is 9:30 am in the morning, remember you have to go over to the studio to record for your new album." I said reminding her. Perrie smacks her face, "I totally forgot, and have i told you how i hate when you are right." We both laugh. "You are lucky you have me Pezz." (Pezz is Perrie's nickname) "Go get ready, i also have work so don't take long in the bathroom." I told her. Perrie yelled, "YES, XIMENA, RIGHT AWAY!" She saluted and i rolled my eyes. While she was in the bathroom i turned on my IPod and started playing my favorite Beyonce song "Countdown." Right away i started dancing all around the room, I didn't even realized that Pezz was looking at me. She cleared her throat, "AHUMM, sorry to interrupt your fascinating dancing, but i am done with the bathroom." We both caught eye sight and we started cracking up. "Shut up, Pezz  you know you love it when i dance," i say continuing laughing. I made my way to my dresser and picked out my clothes for work, a long sleeve blue shirt since it was cold and white pants with black toms. I grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom, it was only 10:30 am i had a lot of time to get ready. I turned on the water so it is coming out warm, before i even had the chance to take of my clothes I heard Pezz tell me something. "Ximena, i forgot to tell you today at around 8:00 pm we are going out to eat with my boyfriend and his friends, and their girlfriends." I smiled at the thought that i finally get the chance to meet the mystery man that has stollen my best friends heart. "I finally get to meet the mystery man, huh, this will be exciting." "Yup, we both have busy schedules so that is why it took so long for you to meet him, but go take a shower I'll tell you everything later, Bye i have to go." Pezz said as i stripped my clothes and i took a shower. 


Athor's Note: Hi everyone so I really want to know what you think about this chapter, I know it is not the most interesting thing you have read but don't worry it will get better as the story progresses. BTW: this is my first fan fic and i hope you like it. See ya Later... Ximena :) Xxx

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