Ximena is best friends with Perrie Edwards. When Perrie finally introduces Ximena to her boyfriend and his friends her life changes. When two boys fall for her, who will she choose? There will be tears, heart brake, and love. Read and find out who she chooses


12. Mischievous and Getting Ready

Harry's POV:

Once i saw Ximena and Niall's hands together my heart broke. One minute we were an inch from kissing and now she is Niall's girlfriend. She looks so happy and the boys are happy too. I'm trying to hide the sadness from my eyes. Niall asked her on a date tonight. Niall is my mate so i have to pretend to be happy, but im not. The girl that i can possible love is with my best friend, she knows im upset but i cant put blame everything on her. I have a plan to make her mine and i wont stop until she is next to me everyday. I'm the only who should be calling her babe, love. I should be the only one touching her and sleeping next to her every night. Sorry mate but when it comes to love you don't stop at nothing. So i'm going to ruin their first date. After Ximena left i went up to my room and started to plan my revenge. 

Ximena's POV:

When i got home Pezz was watching tv and eating goat cheese. Even though she hates cheese she likes goats. Weird right! 

"Hi Pezz!!"

"Hi Ximena, where have you been?"

"I just came back from the boys' house, how is tour rehearsal going?"

"It's great I love doing it just to see the happy face on the fans, we wouldn't be were we are if it wasn't for them!"

"I understand, and so happy for you!"

"I have noticed that you are spending a lot of time with the boys have you decided on your feelings yet?"

"Yeah.. well actually Niall asked me to be his girlfriend today and i said yes."

"That is sooo great! I am so happy for you, but if he ever hurts you he will regret it! What about Harry?"

"I don't know. I like Niall but Harry told me he like me too and it just confused me. I have more feelings for Niall though. Every time I see his clear blue eyes i melt, but when i see Harry he looks so upset it brakes my heart."

"I know it is difficult but you had to choose and for the looks of it you really are smitten over Niall!"

"I am, Can you help me get ready Pez, Please!!!!" 

I whined and made the best puppy dog face i can make.

"You know I can't say no when you do that face, C'mon what did Niall say you have to wear?"

"He said dress fancy"

"Okay lets go to my room!"

Perrie's POV:

When Ximena told me Niall and her are going out, i was really excited for her. She finally joined the One Direction Girlfriend Family with Eleanor, Danielle, and myself. I am really happy for her. I was serious when i said if Niall ever left her heartbroken, he would regret it. However, Niall is a sweetheart and treats every girl right. I feel bad for Harry, I know he really likes Ximena the news must of killed him. Harry is a handsome lad i'm sure that he will find someone new. Now i have to focus and make sure Ximena is ready for her date tonight. 

"Pezz, Niall just texted me and he said he is picking at seven."

"What time is it?"


"We need to hurry we only have two hours!"

I went through my closet and found this salmon dress (coral/pinkish dress). 

"What do you think?"

She stared at the dress and i could tell by her that she liked it

"I love it Pezz, its gorgeous i could wear it with nude heels! I have no idea what i would do with out you."

"You can't live with out me" 

I said sarcastically. She just laughed and went to dress. When she came out she looked beautiful. 

"How do i look?"

She asked while twirling. I gave her the look and she laughed. 

"Do i have to answer that question? You know how you look! Do you want your hair up or down?"

"Down, please"

After i was done with her hair i did her make up. She didn't need it but i put a little bit on. I was about to finish when there was a knock on the door. I looked at my phone and was surprised that it was already seven.

"I'm going to open the door and you finish up ok"

She nodded and i went downstairs to get the door. I opened the door and Niall and Zayn were standing there holding a flower. 

"Aww you guys are the cutests! Babe what are you doing here?"

"Well since the coupe is going out i thought i would surprise you with a lazy date."

"That is cute thanks Zayn. Niall Ximena is about to coem down she is just adding the finishing touches."

Niall Nodded. I could tell he was nervous because he isnt his loud self.

"Niall there is nothing to be nervous about. Ximena already likes you and you are an amazing person."

"Thank Perrie."

We continued talking until we heard Ximena go down the stairs. 

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