Ximena is best friends with Perrie Edwards. When Perrie finally introduces Ximena to her boyfriend and his friends her life changes. When two boys fall for her, who will she choose? There will be tears, heart brake, and love. Read and find out who she chooses


9. Josh!!

Josh's POV: 

I was hanging with the boys at their flat when Niall came down from his bed to tell us that Ximena, suposedly a girl they met through Perrie was coming.

That name brought back so many memories between a girl i used to date. You probably are wondering what happened well while i was seeing my girlfriend i was sleeping around with her ex-bestfriend Megan. 

You probalbly might think that i am a jerk.

But no you can't blame a guy for wanting pleasure from a hot girl. 

Every time I told Ximena that i wanted to have sex she said she was not ready.

At the beginign i totally understood but i needed pleasure, so at a party Megan and I were both pretty drunk and ended having sex at a hotel close by. 

We kept in contact and she promised she will have sex any time i would like and she would no tell anything to Ximena.

Everything was going perfect until Ximena decided to give me a surprise but in the end she was the one that received a surprise, and not a good one. 

She walked in on Megan and I while we were having sex.

I saw her but didn't stop i was having to much pleasure.

I then remembered that it was our anniversary, but the damage was already done.

I tried calling her even going to her house but she ignored me. One day she texted me saying if it wasn't obvious that we are no longer together and that we should stop talking to each other. And so i did.

Zayn snapped me from my thoughts. 

"You ok Josh, you just blanked out."

"Yeah I am fine"

"So how is Ximena?"

"You know i don't have other eyes for no other girl that isn't Perrie but she is pretty fit. I t seems like Harry and Niall have a crush on her, so you can imagine. She is coming over in a while."

Louis joined our conversation and of course he had to make the situation funny

"A PERSON HAS A CRUSH ON HER!!" Louis said in a mother tone.

Liam, Zayn, and I laughed and looked at Niall who was laughing and blushing.

THe doorbell rang and Niall and Louis both jumped out of their seats pushing each other to see who goes to the door first. I heard glass fall and Liam sighed. I laughed a little as i see Liam standing up to fix their mess. It is true that Liam is like the father of the boys. I heard the door open and talking. I blanked out and turned back to talk to Zayn. We were talking about our next world Tour until i heard Niall speaking. I turned my head around and came across a person i thought i would never see. 

She looked shocked and then she said something,

"You Again?" 

Ximena's POV:

The moment I saw Josh everything came back into my life in flashes. 

"What are you doing here?" I said trying to be strong but i feel like crying a river. 

"Didn't anyone tell you I was the drummer of 'One Direction'" 

I then remembered my conversation with Liam in the hallway. I should of seen it coming. I am so stupid.

Niall cleared his throat and asked:

"Do you too know each other"

"Sadly" I muttered 

"We know each other from high school" Josh said.

I felt like was on the verge of braking

"Niall where is your bathroom?"

"Upstairs second door on your left."

"Thank You"

I went upstairs and opened the door and locked it.

I sat in the bathroom and cried. Everything that i worked to forget those awful memories that every night hunt my dreams ruined.

I tried to be quiet but i kept on sobbing.

Then a soft knock on the door and someone's voice 


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