Ximena is best friends with Perrie Edwards. When Perrie finally introduces Ximena to her boyfriend and his friends her life changes. When two boys fall for her, who will she choose? There will be tears, heart brake, and love. Read and find out who she chooses


5. Conversations

Ximena's POV:

Niall started a conversation. I was glad he did. "Hi Ximena" He said with his beautiful smile showing his braces. I smiled back and said "Hi Niall." I just love his eyes it makes me want to get lost in them. Oh gosh Ximena stop, he is going to think your are a weirdo. "You can call me Nialler if you want," Nial... err I mean Nialler said. "Sure Nialler" I said and smiled. When he heard me say his name i swear i saw his smile grow. I have to stop imagining stuff. "So how did you meet Perrie?" He asked me. "Well I knew Perrie before she became famous, we used to go to school together." After I finished my respond I felt someone looking at me besides Nialler's eyes. I felt a tap in my arm and i jumped a little because i was day dreaming. "You okay there love?" I turned around to see who asked that question and who tapped me. It was Harry with his cheeky smile. "Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking i was just day dreaming." As the dinner progressed all of us were talking. It was really fun! I can see that Zayn is completely in love with Perrie and she is too. The girls Eleanor, and Danielle are very nice. We were talking about their jobs. I found out that Eleanor is a model, and Danielle is a dance in the X-Factor. I felt embarrassed telling them that i work in a pizzeria. THe girls didn't judge me they were very down to earth and understanding. The boys were really nice to me also. While we were eating Louis told us his fungi joke. Louis: Hey guys, what kind of mushroom is at a party... A fungi!! We all started laughing at his corny joke. When Perrie and I were walking back to the car, Nialler and Harry both yelled my name in unison. "Ximena!" Niall and Harry said. I turned around to face them they both looked at each other. I had no idea what they were saying with their eyes but then they approached me. "What's up?" I said. "We were just wondering.." Niall started scratching his neck but Harry finished his thought "If we could get your number." I was shocked at first but then i smiled, "Sure." I took out a pen and a  two pieces of paper to write my number. I handed it to them. Both of them smiled, "Thank You" they said in unison. "Ok, now you guys have to stop talking in unison it's kinda creepy." I laughed saying this, both boys laughed with me and nodded their heads. "Ximena come on lets go home" Perrie shouted from the car. "I'll be right there," I yelled back. "Bye, Nialler and Harry" "Please call me Hazz." I smiled "Bye Nialler and Hazz." Then I walked to the car.

Niall's POV:

When dinner was over i saw Ximena walking with Perrie to her car. I really wanted her number so i can get to know her more. I think she can be my princess who i will give my heart to. I yelled out her name. At the same time i heard Harry yell her name. I don't know what I felt.... But i did know what i felt...it was Jealousy. I looked at him and with my best eye conversation i told him "What-Are-You-Doing?" look. Harry always gets the girls but I felt a connection between me and Ximena. I am not letting him get in between that. We both turned around to see Ximena studying our faces. We walked up to her and I started to ask her if i can have her number. "We were just wondering.." I was so nervous that i started scratching my neck. Harry finished my sentence "If we can get your number?" She looked shocked at first and at that moment i thought we pushed her too far then she smiled. She said Nialler. I swear every time i hear her say my name I melt. I was smiling like an idiot because I realized that she only has a nickname for me and not Harry. And of course I jinx it and Harry told her to call him Hazz. Jealousy again. I shook that out of my head, all i really care about is texting Ximena later today. 

Harry's POV:

We finished our dinner and everyone was heading home. Ximena was in my mind. I really want her number. I want to get to know her more. I think we could have something very special. I yelled her name. I realized that Niall yelled her name at the same time. We both looked at each other. Niall gave me a "What-Are-You-Doing?" look. I gave him a "I-Like-Her-Dude-Sorry" look. We both turned around to see Ximena looking at us trying to read our expressions. We walked up to her. Niall started asking her if we could have her number. I could tell he was nervous because he always scratches the back of his neck when he is nervous. I cut in and asked her if we both could have her number. She said yes and i was happy. She called Niall Nialler but she didn't have a nickname for me. So i told her she could call me Hazz. I saw her smile and I smiled back. I can't wait to text her later.



Author's Note: Hi guys!!! Well sorry for this long chapter but tell me if you like it or not? I need your help would you guys want to see Ximena And Niall together or Ximena and Harry together? Let me know as soon as possible. Keep reading my story. Bye Loves Xxx 


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