The Princess Coronation

The vampire and werewolves are preparing for a fight that will declare which species is superior to the other. The two covens and the two packs are forming to become one coven and one pack. That means that Ravennica, who is part of the night Dweller coven must marry Alex, who is part of the Bloodsucking coven. But, everything changes when Ravennica starts to fall Jeremy, a werewolf who is also engaged. What can she do to keep her family from falling to their doom at the hands of the werewolves, but at the same time follow her heart?


9. Mother/Daughter Talk

Mom! Mom, I need to talk to you!” I shouted as I walked through my front door.

She came literally out of nowhere. “Yes, I also need to talk to you my dear. About what you said before you ran away-”

Stop right there. I was confused, and I wasn't thinking straight. I apologize for what I said. I just want to sit down, and explain to you why I did what I did, and also why Alex thinks it can make joining the two covens a little easier.” I smiled sweetly.

Ravennica, it seems like you have matured a bit while out on your run.” My mother smiled back, and took a seat. “I would also like to say that I was a bit rash. I shouldn't have yelled at you like I did. Can you forgive me?”

Of course mother,” I looked away from her. This all felt wrong, I was still fighting the urge to burst into tears about what happened with Jeremy. How was I going to stay away from him? Why am I even thinking about that right now? “Alex, how about you explain to my mother why me drinking human blood can benefit both of the covens?”

Sure, we'll talk about this after I get my mother and my father here.”

They went into town, probably for some blood.” My mother said in a strained voice. I walked over and took my mother's hand.

It's all going to be alright,” I reassured her. I sat down next to her.

How could you ever become one of those monsters?” She asked, there were tears in her eyes. “How could you become a murderer?”

I didn't kill her myself...Alex killed her, and then he...he...” I trailed off for awhile, and then realized that my mother wanted me to complete the statement. “He tempted me, and I couldn't resist. I was really thirsty and, she smelled so good and...” I shook my head. I was going to cry. My mother held me close.

Alex, go and get you're parents. My daughter and I will be waiting here for you.”

Yes ma'am.” He muttered before dashing out of the door.

Oh Ravennica, I knew that this was a bad idea. He took advantage of you, he knew you were thirsty and he tempted you. I'm so sorry,” She wept.

It's not all his fault.” I whispered. “It was my choice, and in the end it may have been for the best.” I said. Seeing her cry made me realize how pointless it was. I had to snap out of my self pity and get my head in the game. First, I couldn't let her resent Alex for encouraging me to drink human blood. “My senses are on fire, and everything about me feels better. I'm not cold anymore, mother. We were made to drink human blood.”

I know that, sweetie, but even if we did convince the Night Dwellers that human blood was 'better' we can't all go out murdering human after human until our whole coven is fed! The humans would notice for sure!”

A brilliant idea popped into my head, and I leaped off the couch in joy. “Blood banks!” I shouted with a humongous smile.

Ravennica, what are you talking about? We can't steal enough blood bags to feed--”

We don't have to buy enough for each individual vampire! The Night Dwellers don't have to drain a whole human, or a while blood bag. Just a sip of it a week, that should do it! We can spike their drinks!” My head whirled with my new found idea. It was the perfect compromise.

When is the next court meeting?” I asked excitedly.

Young lady, calm down. We could arrange one right now. There is a lot to discuss. Go to your friend Sylvia, and make sure that her and her parents are here. I'll get the elder. Call Alex and tell him to bring the Bloodsucker representative and their family.”

Sylvia was my best friend, an her family represented the needs of the people to us, the royal family.

Yes, mother,” I curtsied and left.

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