The Princess Coronation

The vampire and werewolves are preparing for a fight that will declare which species is superior to the other. The two covens and the two packs are forming to become one coven and one pack. That means that Ravennica, who is part of the night Dweller coven must marry Alex, who is part of the Bloodsucking coven. But, everything changes when Ravennica starts to fall Jeremy, a werewolf who is also engaged. What can she do to keep her family from falling to their doom at the hands of the werewolves, but at the same time follow her heart?


6. Inner War

I took a deep breath. The werewolf wanted to know what my name was? I smiled to myself, and giggled. “He wants to know what my name is.” For some unknown reason I found extreme pleasure in that. He cared enough to send his girlfriend to hunt me down, and figure out who I was.

But why?

“Who wants to know what your name is?” Alex asked, literally appearing out of nowhere. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my cheek.

“Ah, nobody. How did handling the male werewolf go?” I asked softly.

“Well, all I managed to do was chase him a little bit, until I heard the female howling near the spot I left you at. So I automatically stopped chasing that mutt to check if you were okay. You okay?” He explained while kissing my cheek.

“Yep, I'm all good. The female was here, she wanted to know my name, and in the end I told her. She shifted, howled, and then ran off.”

“The male werewolf must have been a distraction to separate us,” he growled. "They must have had a deeper purpose than just knowing your name. We have to tell our parents about this, quickly!” He swiftly picked me up again and raced towards me house.

“Are you sure? Rebecca was the one who gave the warning call, not Jeremy.”

“Who's Jeremy?” He snarled. I blushed.

“The male werewolf...” I muttered.

“Who do you know his name?”

“Rebecca was calling out to him when I kicked him into a tree.” I said, not meeting his eyes.

“She probably gave the warning sign because you let something slip without knowing it. It's that, or she was just so fed up with you she ran away. Knowing you, the second one is more likely.”

I had no idea whether that was a compliment or a insult. I gave a light smile, thinking it was both. “So after we tell our parents what are we going to do?” I asked.

“We'll do whatever they want us to do.”

“How am I going to explain to my mom about my drinking human blood?” I asked in a quiet voice. “She's going to be so disappointed.” I sniffled, trying not to cry. “My dad would be very disappointed.

“Shh...I'm sure she'll understand. I'm sure that if your father was here, he wouldn't be disappointed. This wasn't a choice you made out of your own pleasure, you made this choice for the good of our coven.”

“Well, maybe that was your big picture, but when I was deciding whether or not to drink her blood I wasn't thinking about the good of the coven. I was thinking about my own blood lust.” I muttered.

“Ravenna, please, don't be so hard on yourself. Whether you knew it at the moment, or not, that decision is going to help our future coven. I know it for sure.” He kissed my cheek. “We could compromise, and only hunt the criminals. In fact, we could take it a step further and say that you could choose for yourself what you wanted to hunt, and only those going out to fight had to drink human. We could-” He lost himself in his words.

“Take a chill pill,” I laughed, “We can talk about this later.”

“I just want you to know, that you're an example. You can show them that someone from your coven could drink human blood if they absolutely needed to.” He beamed at me, and I smiled back.

I felt warm and secure in his arms, and I loved making him happy. I wonder what it would feel like to make Jeremy happy? I bet it would feel absolutely perfect. I closed my eyes, and sighed, enjoying the feeling of just imagining making Jeremy happy. It was an empty daydream because I had no idea what he looked like in his human form.

“What are you thinking about, baby?” Alex whispered.

I opened my eyes open in shock. Was I seriously just dreaming about a werewolf? Alex looked a little puzzled at my reaction.

“Is everything okay?” He asked sweetly.

“Yeah, I was just really into that dream.” I forced out a laugh. “You pulled me back into reality.” That wasn't a lie.

“What was your dream about?”

“How I love making you happy.” I smiled. That...almost wasn't a lie. It was kind of how my daydream started.

He smiled was so full of emotion it shot a rush of guilt through me.

“Awe, babe, I love making you happy too.” He kissed me on the lips softly. I gave a light smile when he pulled away. He abruptly stopped running, and set me down on my feet.

“We still aren't home what are you...” I trailed off when I saw him get down on one knee.

Oh my gosh...he was going to do it.

“Ravennica, I'm in love with you. I know that I fight with you a lot, but maybe it was just me trying to deny the fact that I was falling for a Night Dweller.”

“You would have had to marry me anyways.”

“I know, but...I don't know. I was stupid. The point is, they told me to pop the question on you when it didn't feel like I was being forced to marry you anymore. When it felt like, marrying you was a choice of my own, that I would have made by myself even if we didn't have to get married. It feels like that know, Ravenna.” He never took his eyes off of mine, and I could feel tears beginning to form. He reached into his pocket, and took out a little black box.


“Sh...don't say anything yet. Pretend that we don't have to do this, give the answer you would give me if we didn't. Answer according to your heart, not the elder, not your mother, just you.”

A tear escaped from my eye. I wasn't ready for this, I was already having an inner war with my feeling and that werewolf. I couldn't hurt him though.

“Will you marry me?” He asked, opening the box to reveal a beautiful ruby ring.


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