The Princess Coronation

The vampire and werewolves are preparing for a fight that will declare which species is superior to the other. The two covens and the two packs are forming to become one coven and one pack. That means that Ravennica, who is part of the night Dweller coven must marry Alex, who is part of the Bloodsucking coven. But, everything changes when Ravennica starts to fall Jeremy, a werewolf who is also engaged. What can she do to keep her family from falling to their doom at the hands of the werewolves, but at the same time follow her heart?


2. Hunting


“It would help you guys bond she said, it would settle our differences she said.” I muttered under my breath.

“I’m just saying, why settle for animal when you could have human?”

“Drinking from humans is like murder!”

“When a predator kills the prey in the wild, is it murder? No, it’s survival.” His reasoning sucked.

“We could survive on animal blood!”

“But it’s better for our health to drink human!” Alex argued. I sighed.

“We are going to hunt in the woods, end of story.” I said through clenched teeth.

“I’m the male, which means I dominate over you and the coven.” He said.

“Excuse me? That’s for when we’re married! For now, we do what I say because in the real human world, which we are living in by the way, the girl is the boss of the relationship!”

“We are not humans! We are vampires, and in the vampire world the male dominates!”

“There is no dating in the vampire world! So, since we are doing a human practice, we should use the human rules!”

“Not all the females dominate in every relationship!”

“In most they do!”

“They do not!”

“Bleh bleh,” I yelled in a mocking tone.

He shook his head. “You’re so immature; I can’t believe that I’m being forced to marry you.” I burst out laughing.

I’m the one being forced to marry an insensitive murderer!” I stopped laughing by the time I got to the end of the sentence.

He stiffened, and menacingly stormed towards me. I backed up into a tree. “Listen up; I’m not an insensitive murderer.” He said roughly. I pushed him away. He didn’t budge.

I didn’t like how he was treating me, it was scary. “Back up.” I said sternly.

“No!” He pinned me to the tree. I held back tears.

Get off!” I shrieked. I pushed as hard as I could, a couple of tears escaped. “I don’t want to marry you, you control freak!”

“You cry baby, you cry every few seconds! I have never seen you when your eye’s weren’t blood shot red!”

I ran away. “If you want to hunt down some humans, go ahead! See if I care!” I zoomed on the forest path that was behind my house.

I pursed my lips as blood trailed down my face, not that I had enough to be crying this frequently. But that’s what being low on blood does to you when you’re on an animal diet…it messes with your emotions. Not that he would understand.

Not that he’ll ever love me.

With that thought I stopped, and fell to the ground crying my eyes out.

“Damn you, Alexander! Why won’t you love me?” I forced out through clenched teeth. “Why do I care? I hate you.” I punched a tree and it came down falling. “I hate your guts!

“Well, I love you too,” I heard Alex’s voice say. I immediately got up, I was going to turn towards him, but I was embarrassed that I cried so much. How much of my tantrum did he witness?

“What do you want?” I asked stiffly.

“I want to apologize. I shouldn’t have pinned you to a tree, yelled in your face, or insulted you like that. You’re right, I’m insensitive, and I’m sorry.”

I crossed my arms, and loosened my stance.

“Can I see your face?” He asked gently.


“Why not?” He sounded devastated.

“You’re right, I’m a cry baby.” I tried not to cry again, if I kept this up I’ll end up dieing of dehydration. “I’m a cry baby that you shouldn’t’ have to marry.” I stopped talking because my voice was giving away my desire to cry.

“Ravennica,” He breathed. “Ravennica, don’t say that. I love you, and even though you’re a baby, you’re my baby.”

I smiled, and turned around to face him. He encircled me in a hug. “How could you say that you love me, when half of the time we’re throwing daggers at each other?”

“I love how you fight for yourself, and you don’t like to cry, I can see that. I…I don’t know why I keep on making you.” He held me tighter. “I’m so sorry, Ravennica.”

“It’s ok.” I muttered. I snuggled into his warmth. Another effect of animal blood…you’re cold all the time.

“You know….”

“Don’t you dare start with the ‘Human blood is healthier for you' speech.” I murmured sternly.

He laughed. “Ok then, let’s go hunt us down a…animal.” I smiled and let go.

I started to lead the way, using my senses to hunt down an animal of prey.

Alex was on full hunt mode. If there was a human nearby….he would take them out no matter what. There would be nothing I could do to stop him.

Of course, I never let myself into full hunt mode. I might end up hurting an innocent human going on a hike.

I smelled a deer…a herd of them, coming from the east. I could practically taste the blood already; I sped away towards the deer. I was losing myself in the hunt. My fangs grew.

They were in a clearing; I slowly circled the outskirts, hidden by a canopy of trees. A deer separated from the herd.

I sprung at it, ripping its throat out with my teeth, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of blood. The other deer fled, Alex stood over me while I finished off the deer.

I threw it to the side. My throat was aching for more, I licked my lips.

.“You’re still thirsty, aren’t you?” He asked, his arms were crossed and his eyebrows were raised. “You know…one human would satisfy you, just one. One human is all it takes to save another few deer that you would have to kill to be truly satisfied.”

I growled. “I’m not hunting a human.”

“Well, I’m not hunting a filthy animal. You don’t even know where it’s been.”

I got up and away from the deer. “Fine, you go hunt a human, and I’ll stay here and hunt animals.”

“No, Ravennica, we need to stick together. The whole point of this hunt is to figure out what we are going to do when we are married.”

“Fine…I’ll come with you to hunt down your human.” I growled.

He smirked. “Awesome,” he said before taking off. I followed him. He sped through the trees, I struggled to keep up with him.

After a few minutes of narrowly dodging trees, Alex came to a stop. I nearly ran into him. He looked around anxiously.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Are your senses really that dulled out? Can you not smell it?” He asked. His eyes were bloodshot, and his teeth were sharp. He was in full predator mode.

As soon as I saw his face I realized what was wrong. I felt chills coming down my back. Anger swelled within me, and my fangs began to sharpen and lengthen. I knew that my eyes were turning just as red as Alex's.

There was a werewolf near. I sniffed the air. West of us I could smell wet wasn't really that bad. It was mixed with...flowery stuff. My predator extinct chilled a little. The smell was getting stronger an stronger by the second. I resisted the urge to smile and enjoy the scent.

“Ravennica! If you really are going to let your guard down because you think its safe, I'm going to force feed you a human!” Alex growled. My instincts kicked in again and I growled back

“I never said that I thought the coast was clear!”

“Look, baby, we don't have time to argue about this. That mutt should be closing in on us in about twenty seconds.” He growled. I clenched my teeth and faced the direction of the scent.

Like he predicted, in about twenty seconds an wolf that slightly resembled a bear sauntered through the gap in the trees. It had black fur, and abnormally human like eyes. Alex was growling like crazy. I wasn't growling as ferociously as him, but I did growl quietly and mostly out of curiosity.

The wolf looked between the two of us, and then realizing that Alex was probably the bigger threat, started to growl back at him.

“You came here for a fight?” Alex snarled.

While Alex was focused on the strangely appealing male wolf in front of us, I smelled another female wolf coming up behind us.

My growl level rose to out of control. I swiveled around and braced myself to attack whatever was going to come out of the bushes in front of me.

This wolf, unlike the one that was growling at my boyfriend, smelled like any other werewolf. Like a rotten wet dog. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. It had honey golden fur and big brown eyes.

She slowly came out, realizing that I spotted her.

“You thought you cold hide in those bushes with that dog stink radiating off of your fur?” I snarled at her.

“I don't know, maybe it was the fact that I can tell that you're one of the slow vampires.” She said in a hoarse wolf voice.

My heart sank and I fought tears, but I wouldn't let her see that she wounded me. I kept up the growling and was about to lunge out at her when the werewolf behind me tackled me to the ground.

His sweet flowery scent enveloped me, and it calmed my growling. I was on my stomach with a wolf pinning me to the ground...I shouldn't be anywhere near calm. I kept up the growl at a steady pace.

In half a second Alex had the other wolf in a choke hold. “Let go of my girlfriend, or I'll kill yours.” I heard a strangled whimper.

The wolf leaned his snout into my neck. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly. It took a deep breath.

“I said to get off of her!” Alex yelled. I heard a crack, and faint howling. The male wolf leaped off of me to protect his girlfriend. I got up quickly. Alex had dropped the female werewolf and she slumped to the floor. He was now glaring at the werewolf that was pinning me to the ground only seconds before. I glanced back over to the golden wolf on the was shaking and whimpering. Had no idea what to do. For some unknown reason, I didn't want Alex to hurt the male.

What could I do though? I couldn't openly defend the werewolf, but I had to do something. Would his girlfriend be enough for the werewolf to run away from this fight? Would it cause him to follow me to protect her, or hurt Alex to even out the score?

Could I use my status as a slow vampire to my advantage?

“Alex, I think I smell another one, coming in from the left!” I yelled, pretending to be on high alert. Even the wounded girl managed to look at me as if I was bonkers.

“Ravenna, honey, we don't have time for your slow instincts right now.” Alex sighed.

Time for me to kick in my emotions. “You're always making fun of my instincts! Just because I don't feed one humans doesn't mean I'm worthless!”

The male werewolf spoke for the first time. “You don't feed on humans? That's what makes your instincts so low?” He said in a beautiful velvety, but at the same time gruff, voice.

I swallowed hard, hearing that from him in is beautiful voice was a like a blow to the ribs. “You know what. Why don't I just go? It seems like I'm no help with my slow ass instinct now am I?” I screeched, all of the emotions behind it completely real.

“This is not the time Ravennica!” Alex roared.

I swallowed my bloody tears, and crossed my arms. “I'll prove ot you that I'm not worthless!” I screamed.

I swiveled around to face the werewolf, he was completely caught off guard when I kicked him hard in the side. The force blew him all the way into the nearest tree about six feet away. The female got up and staggered to him.

“Jeremy?” She yelled. He didn't move.

“Let's go,” I motioned towards Alex to follow me. He did so without a word.

“Super emotional and super strong, that's the sexiest combination in a girl ever.” Alex joked once we were far away from the wolves.

I laughed. “Do you still want to go after that human?” I asked.

“Absolutely.” He sped ahead of me, and I struggled to catch up.


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