A girl called Tina is physicly abused by her dad after her mum dies so she decides to run away with her best mate Tom!! But her Dad is on to her and so are his team! Will they escape or will the Run end...!!!!


3. Time to go!

I have to run, I cant stand being with Dad any longer. He hits me when I do something wrong and he has banned Tom from the house! I HATE HIM AND NEED TO GO! I  tried to go to the police but they thought I was being silly because they all know my Dad and they like him and respect him. I cant put up with him and I really need to live a normal, safe life were I am not scared so I have decided to run away with Tom to California were my Uncle Charlie lives. My uncle Charlie lives alone in a 4 bedroom house in south California. I have known him since I was little and he is my Mums only brother. I have told him about Dad and he agrees that I should come live with him and so should Tom if he is willing to.

Telling Tom

I rang Tom and told him to meet me at the local park at the old tree that we use to sit round drinking coke and talking about everything. Tom is my best mate and I love him to pieces. He is always there for me and is very protective. I love him so much. He's so handsome to so I have to make sure the girls he goes out with aren't only dating him for his looks. He is tall and skinny (well fit with a 6 pack!) and he has lovely blonde hair that shines in the sun and is naturally in the shape of a little quiff. His eyes are light green like his Mums and he has a very broad body like his Dad. So, I went to the old tree and waited for him. 5 minutes later he arrived in a very casual outfit. shorts, sandals and a vest top, Because we live in Australia it is very hot and that's usual clothing. His arms immediately spread out into a hug position and I hugged him rather tightly because I haven't seen him in a few days because he's banned from my house and  its the summer holidays. We sat down and talked about my Dad and about running away and he seemed quite happy about going to California with me. he said his parents want him to move out to another country, find a job and be independent and it would be great but he wondered how we would get there, not be noticed and stay safe. Time to make a plan!

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