A girl called Tina is physicly abused by her dad after her mum dies so she decides to run away with her best mate Tom!! But her Dad is on to her and so are his team! Will they escape or will the Run end...!!!!


4. The Plan!

me and Tom sat down and made the plan of escape!

The Plan!

Step 1

Tom packs his stuff says bye to his mum and make up an excuse to as why she shouldn't tell  my Dad, then Tom comes to mine and sneaks round the back to were my bedroom window is.

step 2

I put on a football match on the tv and tell Dad, then I get him a drink and go to my room,get my packed bag from the night before and chuck it out the window to Tom.

Step 3

While my Dad is busy watching football I sneak into his room and nick the 30,000 dollars he has under the bed, then I jump out of my bedroom window and me and Tom start the journey to California.

Now all we have to do is see if it works.

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