A girl called Tina is physicly abused by her dad after her mum dies so she decides to run away with her best mate Tom!! But her Dad is on to her and so are his team! Will they escape or will the Run end...!!!!


1. Mum dies

I sat there by my mums bed. She was just like me. Her hair brown and wavy and her eyes sparkling blue. Her name was Tina just like mine. The machines around her bed were beeping loads. The rest of the hospital silent. She had cancer. My Dad was a wreck and couldnt live whithout my mum. I loved her so much!
I remember the machines start to beeb as load as a horn and loads of doctors and nurses ran in. My mums face went pale and body limp. Then the doctor said the sentence. A sentence that still haunts me till today, Time of death 1.45! My dads face went blank and he screamed and cryed. My mother was gone!!
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