A girl called Tina is physicly abused by her dad after her mum dies so she decides to run away with her best mate Tom!! But her Dad is on to her and so are his team! Will they escape or will the Run end...!!!!


2. Dad gets mad!

sorry I haven't updated in a while!!!!!!!!!!

2 weeks later!

It has been 2 weeks since my mum died and I have been very depressed. My best mate Tom has been supporting me a lot and he has been so nice and caring. I haven't gone to school because I don't want people asking if I am alright because I have had enough of that! My dad has been very upset and hardly speaks. he gets angry really easily and I am starting to get worried!:( But if I get scared I ring Tom and he comes straight over. I woke up the next day and went downstairs to get breakfast. My Dad was already down there eating his. I asked him why he didn't make some but he kept silent. I started to beg him to speak but he didn't so I shouted. Then his face went red with anger and his fists clenched together I got scared and grabbed my phone to ring Tom but he jumped up and knocked my phone out of my hand. He shouted at me and said "Just shutup I don't care what you want! My wife is dead and I am stuck with you!!" with deep anger and  truth in his voice. Then it happened! He hit me1 Something I thought he would never do but he did!! I grabbed my phone and ran out to ring Tom!!


1 month later!

My dad has been hitting me ever since and banning Tom from the house because he thinks hes breaking us up! I hate my dad! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has to stop! I have to run!

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