Secrets, Love, Hunger and Pain

okay, im not sure whats going to happen in this story yet, im just kind of writing and i have a few ideas of whats going to happen. anyways, its About a girl named Hanna, who travels the world with her werewolf partner in crime, when everything changes when she makes friends who find out her secret, and have secrets of their own.


1. Chapter 1.

She looked out the window, sitting on the window seal looking out at out at the foggy woods. She sighed at the boring day, wishing there was more to do. “Levi,” she says addressing her friend “why don’t we do something today?” She looks out the window again, hugging her knees close to her chest to keep from falling over. He sighs and walks over to her, putting his hands around her waist pulling her in. “It’s such a nice day, I wish we wouldn’t always stay in this old cabin,” she says leaning against Levi’s chest still hugging her knees.

“Hanna,” he whispers stroking her hair. “Oh please Levi, people will start wondering why we are never in town doing anything.” He stops to think “Have you heard people in school talking about us?” She sat up from him “well no, but I suppose people are wondering.” He sat up on the window next to his friend, “well I guess we have no choice but to-” he couldn’t finish his sentence before Hanna reached up and hugged him. “Thanks Levi, it’ll be good for me to get outta here for a while”

He blushed and lightly took Hanna’s hands and unwrapped himself from her, he didn’t get the chance to answer back before she had removed herself from her usual sitting place and went to go get ready. Hanna walked deeper into the old cabin, all the way to the end on the old hallway, with each step making the floor board’s creek. She turned into her bedroom, the one to the left, Levi slept in the bedroom across the hall way. She opened the closet and smiled at her choices of clothes. The house might not be much, but her wardrobe was a different story, she was proud of what she wore. She started to undress, taking off her oversized T-shirt first and dropping in to the floor, leaving her in her yellow underwear, and green bra.

She went through her closet a couple of times before deciding on a pair of white high waist denim shorts, and a loose navy blue blouse that had thin straps that sometimes fell off of her shoulder. She didn’t mind though, Levi had said it looked great on her in the store when she was thinking of putting it back. She opened up her dresser and pulled out a pair of socks, and sat on the bed while putting them on. She picked out a hair of navy blue toms, watching the color of her shirt to go with the outfit. Next she sat in front of a mirror and brushed through her light brown hair, making sure that her loose curls weren’t in a mess. Her hair was at an awkward length, she was been growing it from a jaw length bob since the tenth grade, which has been two years now.

 She lays her hair on her shoulders and pushes her bangs to the side and smiled in the mirror. She walks out back to the living room and grabs her coach bag and throws in over her shoulder. Levi sits up from the sofa setting his morning coffee on their table before going to retrieve his brown contacts to hide his gold eyes. Hanna sits on the sofa letting it sink her in, “Hanna, do you know where I put my contacts?” She sighs and stands up, “behind the bathroom mirror?” There was shuffling sounds and after a few moments, it had stopped. “Found them” he says coming back into her sight. He opens the container and places his contacts into his eyes and blinks a few times.

Once Levi’s eyes stopped watering he looked at Hanna “ready?” She just gave a simple nod and started walking towards the door. She placed her hand on the door knob and opened it ignoring the annoying screech. She happily skipped in the woods “Levi?” She asks “where are we going next?” He just shrugged at the question. Hanna didn’t wait for an answer “We should go to Finland, wouldn’t it be nice for you to go back home” “I don’t have a home” he says plainly. “Home is where the heart is, I guess” He just smiled “then I guess my home is you.” She blushed at his words “stop that!” “Stop what?” Levi says acting confused. “You know what you’re doing! Try to charm me out of my underwear.” He laughs “Is it working yet?” She laughed and spun flirtatiously “Werewolf sex sounds a bit too naughty for me.” She smiled and turned forward again.

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