Higher Ground (Harry Styles)

Melanie knew what would happen if she said yes, but she didn't care. She didn't want to die, not yet, but she had no choice. She had to save him. He still had the chance at normal life. So she did what she thought she had to. Made a deal with a demon. She knew it was wrong, but she thought she would get ten years. She didn't. Melanie was raised in a family of hunters. Yes, supernatural hunters. She's killed everything from ghosts to ghouls, vampires to werewolves, even some shape shifters. But what she killed the most was demons. When she met up with that crossroads demon she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, but it was all for him. Jacob. Her little brother. He was 13 at the time, and dying. He was shot. It was her life for his. A done deal, it didn't need thought. But now Melanie's back from Hell and she has no idea how. Taken into care by a generous boy band, Melanie has to figure out why she was brought back 3 years later and it won't be easy.


1. Higher Ground ~ Prologue

I put the small, rattly, beat-up box in the ground and cover it with dirt. I try to control my sobs, but the lump in my throat only grows. The image of Jacob keeps running through my head. Over and over I see him get shot and fall to the ground. This is all my fault, if I told him to stay home this never would have happened.

"Melanie Meyer in the flesh? I feel honored." A husky voice says from behind me. I suck in a deep breath and turn around. The demon stands there smirking. It sickens me to think of the poor boy he's possessing. He looks like he's only seventeen, my age. 

"Can we please get this over with?" I plead. He laughs and walks over to me, circling around me a few times. He stops in front of me and cups my face in his hands. I hold my breath. I just want this to be done with.

"You want me to save your brother, am I right?"  I nod. He lets go of my face and I breathe out in relief. I can't stand being that close to a demon. 

"Yes. Just save him and give me ten years. Then my soul is all yours." I say, trying to persuade him. He just laughs. He laughs, as if I'm joking.

"Ten years? Oh honey, that only applies to normal people. You, you're special. My boss is very fond of you and your brother. If you want to save Jacob, you die now." I stand there a moment, processing everything he just said. I have to die today to save him? That's not fair!

"Five years?" I bargain. He shakes his head. 

"Today." I sigh, tears welling up in my eyes again. I nod. It's Jacob we're talking about. At least he can be normal, right? He won't have to hunt anymore. He can go to college, get married. That's all that matters. My life is done for. 

"At least give me twenty minutes to say goodbye?" I ask, I know demons didn't have any sympathy whatsoever, but its worth a shot. And for all I know he could be a generous demon.

"Deal." And that was it.

I'm going to Hell. Literally.

HEY! Decided, hey! I can't write anything to my other stories due to writer's block, why don't I publish something that's been sitting here for ages now? So, my third story. Here it is. Tell me what you think!

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