Higher Ground (Harry Styles)

Melanie knew what would happen if she said yes, but she didn't care. She didn't want to die, not yet, but she had no choice. She had to save him. He still had the chance at normal life. So she did what she thought she had to. Made a deal with a demon. She knew it was wrong, but she thought she would get ten years. She didn't. Melanie was raised in a family of hunters. Yes, supernatural hunters. She's killed everything from ghosts to ghouls, vampires to werewolves, even some shape shifters. But what she killed the most was demons. When she met up with that crossroads demon she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, but it was all for him. Jacob. Her little brother. He was 13 at the time, and dying. He was shot. It was her life for his. A done deal, it didn't need thought. But now Melanie's back from Hell and she has no idea how. Taken into care by a generous boy band, Melanie has to figure out why she was brought back 3 years later and it won't be easy.


4. Chapter 3 "Jacob"

When Jacob and I were staying at our uncle Tim's house, my cousin Jared and I worked three weeks on inventing a tracking device so that whenever we received a call from someone, we would know their immediate location. It came in handy a lot. Like now, Jacob knows my exact location just by that one phone call. It should only take him a day to travel here, assuming he's in America. Which means, since I slept last night, that I have around twelve hours to prepare for all scenarios. 

I get up and get ready with what I have, not bothering to wake the boys. When I come into the bathroom, I am greeted by a corpse staring back at me in the mirror. At first I prepare to fight it, not realizing It's me. Then, it hits me. I haven't showered in three years. 

It's not very funny, but I break down into fits of laughter. My brown hair is knotted all around my head, going this way and that, as if I'd just been electrocuted. My face is covered in dirt, my clothes are torn up and I look like I just walked out of a zombie movie. I turn on the faucet and wash my hands, then splash the cold water on to my face. I'm surprised these boys, Louis and Harry, took me home with them looking like this. Are they seriously that stupid? 

I turn on the water for the shower, allowing it to warm up a little while I go grab some clean clothes. I sneak into the first room I see, which appears to be Harry's room, and steal a navy blue shirt and gray sweats then head back to the shower. Surely these will be big, but they have an adjustable string around the waist so I should be good.

I let my ratty clothes fall in a small pile on to the floor and step under the hot water. I am instantly brought to life by the warm droplets rolling down every inch of my body, washing away all of the filth. I close my eyes and just stand there, remembering what water feels like. What life feels like. You know what the worst part about all of this is? I can remember everything. Every single detail about hell. And it's just so nice to finally be free of that place... honestly, there is nothing worse than being trapped in hell. No doubt about it.

After I finish washing up, I throw on the baggy clothes and brush my hair and teeth. Having no tooth brush, I'm stuck just using my fingers. I swish mouthwash around in my mouth and am left with a fresh minty feeling. All of these small things, just brushing my teeth, give me joy. I can't explain this feeling inside me. I've been in hell for three years, which, in hell, is thirty years. Being able to live again, to see the sun through the window, it exciting. I can forget about all of the bad stuff out there and just think of me. Think of being free, of not having to be tortured, or even worse, torture others...

I quickly erase the memory from my head. No, today is a good day. I'm alive and I get to see my little brother again. How old will he be now? I mean, he was 13 when I died so he will be 16? I can't believe it. He isn't a kid anymore. Well, he never really was a kid, but you know what I mean. He won't look like a kid. 

I sigh and walk out to the kitchen. I have to prepare for his arrival. He'll need proof it's really me, so I get a bowl of water and do a spell to turn it into holy water. I then find a silver knife and some salt. The holy water is to ensure I'm not a demon, the silver to ensure I'm not a shape shifter, and the salt to ensure I'm not a ghost. I'm pretty sure those are the only things capable of mimicking a person. There are ghouls, but they are pretty much extinct. I put all of the stuff on the counter next to the door, making sure it's there before Jacob can even get his hands on me. Hopefully this works out the way I'm planning, or else he might just kill me. Unless...

What if Jacob brought me back? What if he traded his soul for mine, just as I did for him? He isn't that dumb, is he? But how else could I be here... I mean, no one else cared for me like that. I was all he had, and he was all I had. We were each other's life. 

This hits me hard, like a knife to the gut. Does this mean he knows it was me on the phone, and that's why he decided to come so fast? He didn't hesitate when he said he's be right here, even though I'm in Europe, half way around the dang world!

Harry's voice interrupts my thought process, and he walks in yawning as he speaks. His hair looks like it's been through an epidemic, his curls sticking out in every directing. "What are you doing up so early?" 

"I'm getting ready for my brother." I say simply, walking into the kitchen and scrounging up anything I can use to make some food. Is it early? I haven't even seen the time. "What time is it?" 

"It's eight in the morning. You've been up making noises for like an hour now. And I don't appreciate you wearing my clothes without my permission." He says, moving closer to me. Only then do I realize he's wearing no shirt. His body is toned, I'll have to admit, but his tattoos are a little of a turn off. Not that I don't like them, I'm sure they all have a meaning, but it looks like there's a moth on his stomach. 

"Mine were... well, you know."  I say, shuddering at the memory of them. I still don't understand why they would bring someone who looked like that home. It makes no sense. "And why is there a moth on your stomach?"

Harry laughs, revealing some hidden dimples. His eyes shine green like the Emerald City on the Wizard of Oz (I've always been a bit obsessed with that movie as a kid) "It's a butterfly."

"A butterfly? Are you sure? Because it looks like a moth to me." 

He looks down at his tattoo and laughs even harder. "I guess it does. My intentions were good, though!" 

"I bet they were." 


I ended up fixing some blueberry pancakes for everyone. Turns out there were more boys than I'd thought. Five, to be exact. They're all pretty nice, though. Except Harry. He still is unsure about me. I mean they all think I'm crazy, but Harry seems to be more weary of me. Oh well, who cares. I mean he has a moth on his stomach for crying out loud!

I sit by the door with anticipation. Any second now my brother will walk through that door, knife and gun at hand, ready to blow some brains out. As long as I can prove it's me before he does so, all will be good. But as a safety precaution, Liam (one of the other boys) has agreed to answer the door first. That's when I come in. Honestly, I'm really hoping my plan works. 

After about an hour of impatiently waiting by the door, there's a knock. Liam gets up to answer, but I stop him. "Remember what I said?" He nods and then I step back, allowing him to open the door. I can't see who's behind it, but I can hear Jacob's voice booming through the room. 

"Hi, my name is Jacob... I got a call from a girl yesterday..." He was always bad with greetings. He never knew the right thing to say. Liam nods and steps aside, implying that he should come in. Jacob does, and he steps into view. My legs become frozen, and I stand there unable to move. My throat constricts and I can't even breathe. It's only seconds before he sees me, and his reaction is much like mine. He looks so grown up. He grew his hair out so now it curves upward into a quiff like manner, and he grew so much... His upper body is much more built than it used to be. He is no longer the scrawny little boy he used to be. He looks more like a man now.

I quickly snap into reality and watch as Jacob does to, and he stares at me. "Jacob, please let me talk. It's me, Melanie."

He shakes his head. He tries to speak, but no words come out. He begins to get frustrated. Through gritted teeth, he says, "Melanie is dead. What the hell are you?"

"It's me, Melanie. Look." I show him the silver and cut my arm with it, showing I have no reaction. I then take the holy water and chug it. I sprinkle some salt on to myself as well. He still stands there silently. Unconvinced. "Jake, I swear it's me. I thought maybe it was you who brought me back. If not, then I have no idea how I'm here, but I am. You need to believe me."

"This is impossible. They wouldn't bring Melanie back. This is some sort of sick joke." 

"No Jake, it's me. Remember when we were in New York and I was fifteen while you were eleven? We snuck away from dad and went to the top of one of the tallest buildings we could see and dropped water on to the people below us? We ended up getting chased away by some police officers and we hid out in some random store until they gave up. Dad gave us a load that night, but it was the most fun I've ever had."

Jacob remembers that day, and he drops his gun and runs into my arms, embracing me in a warm hug. He still smells of sweat and oranges. I bury my head into the crook of his neck, and we both start crying. I could never have wished for anything more than this moment, just to see my little brother again. I don't even care that he's a hunter anymore, just that he's alive and in my arms. I never want to let go.

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