Higher Ground (Harry Styles)

Melanie knew what would happen if she said yes, but she didn't care. She didn't want to die, not yet, but she had no choice. She had to save him. He still had the chance at normal life. So she did what she thought she had to. Made a deal with a demon. She knew it was wrong, but she thought she would get ten years. She didn't. Melanie was raised in a family of hunters. Yes, supernatural hunters. She's killed everything from ghosts to ghouls, vampires to werewolves, even some shape shifters. But what she killed the most was demons. When she met up with that crossroads demon she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, but it was all for him. Jacob. Her little brother. He was 13 at the time, and dying. He was shot. It was her life for his. A done deal, it didn't need thought. But now Melanie's back from Hell and she has no idea how. Taken into care by a generous boy band, Melanie has to figure out why she was brought back 3 years later and it won't be easy.


3. Chapter 2 "Phone Call"

I sit on the couch, cupping the mug of hot coffee with both hands. These boys are human, that's for sure. But, what I don't understand, is how I'm alive.

They think I'm crazy. At least Harry does, Louis seems to just pity me. I'd leave if I could, but they put me on lock down. These boys are pretty stupid, too. Bringing a possible psycho home and trapping her there. It's not right. They should have called the police.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Louis asks, sitting next to Harry on the couch across from me. I nod. 

"A phone." I guess if Jacob was alive, he might have kept at least one of the same numbers. And I remember most of them. We'd go through so many phones, because it was too dangerous to have only one phone. Once one was discovered, we lost it and relocated. When I died, we had about twelve working numbers.

When I died.

I died. 

This isn't a normal thing. It's not right. Why me, of all people, should get to live? I have killed so many things, including humans. I've told so many lies, fake identities, pretending to be FBI, and so much more. Why should I live again? I made a deal with the devil for crying out loud!

The whole point of me dying was so Jacob could live a normal life. So, my question is, is he still a hunter? Or is he... normal? I guess we'll find out now.

"Here," Harry hands me a phone, a rather nice phone, too. It's different. I mean, yes we had iPhone's, but not white ones. And this is much lighter, too. 

I dial the first five numbers I remember, all out of order or belonging to someone else. This is the sixth time. I'm starting to think maybe Jacob does have a normal life. Or he's dead. I quickly shake the thought out of my head and call the next number.

It rings a few times, no one picking up. Of course. 

"How many people are you going to call?" Louis asks. I shrug and dial again.

This time someone picked up after the second ring. 

"Jamie Birch, how may I help you?" I snort at the name, despite how desperate I am, I can't think straight. I'll probably be in hysterics soon.

It's definitely a boy, sounding like he is just about to hit puberty. The voice resembles Jacob, or it's my mind just hearing what it wants, but that was how he always answered to phone. Fake name first, then how may I help you. Like a professional.

"Is Jacob Meyer there?" I ask. If it is him, I wonder if he recognizes my voice. It has been three years, I wonder if I sound different... how does dying and coming back change you? Am I seventeen, or twenty? 

"Who's asking?" 

I take a deep breath. I know this is him. I smile to myself, just a little, knowing he's alive and well. But it regenerates right away once I realize what this means. He's still a hunter. If I tell him it's me, he won't believe it. I have to fake this one out.

"I need help. S-Something is happening to my friends. It's bad. My old friend Melanie said to call this number and ask for Jacob if I ever needed anything." I pretend to sound scared. Jacob can't resist a scared girl. Or at least he couldn't.

"Where are you?"

"London. London, England." We rarely left America for jobs. Only a few times. I just hope he'll come.

"I'll be there soon."

The line goes dead. I smile. I played that pretty well. 

I look up at the confused boys. "What was that?"

"Jacob wouldn't believe me if I said I was me. I'm dead, remember?" They nod, with that expression saying 'who is this girl?' Well, Harry does. Louis just looks interested. Like he wants to see how this will play out.

"But what happens when he comes here?" Harry asks. I look at him for a moment. That's a good question. What will happen? Jacob will probably try to kill me. That's understandable, since I'm supposed to be dead.

"I don't know, let's cross that bridge when we come to it." He nods again, unsure. I sigh and lay down on the couch, closing my eyes. I hear a sigh, and a set of footsteps echoing out of the room. Probably Harry.

The room is quiet, just the sound of mine and Louis' breathing. I can feel him staring at me. That lasts about ten minutes, then I hear some shuffling and soon I'm enveloped in a blanket of warmth. Is he tucking me in? Awe...

No. In no way is that cute. I turn to my side, digging my face in the couch cushions. I slowly drift to sleep, until I am fully surrounded by darkness, just the sound of my steady breathing. And Louis.

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