Sangtekster, citater m.m

det der med at man bare elsker en sangtekst, finder et citat man bare kan genkende fra sit eget liv, eller bare sange og citater man godt kan lide...og så syntes jeg bare det er rart at kunne dele det med andre nogle gange :3 så det her blive sangtekster, citater og sådan noget :) <3

(nok mest på engelsk)


5. keep you with me,you are the only one...

Days go by
And yeah I've always got you on my mind
Cause I keep you with me
I say your name
I cant touch you but it feels the same
Cause I keep you with me

(Keep you with me - Hot Chelle Rae)


Before you I could only see as deep as the skin

Before you I never thought I could let anyone in

Before you I was waiting for my life to begin

You are, you are the proof that love is beautiful

You are, you are the truth something unusual

You are, you are my fire you're burning like the sun

You are, you are, you are you are the only on

(the only one - Hot Chelle Rae)

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