Lissy's Patchwork Life

Liss has everything she wants- three brilliant friends, loving parents, a boyfriend, and school is going well. She has a patchwork quilt on her bed. It is her favourite thing in the world. But one day, her quilt breaks. Torn in pieces. Which is what happens to Liss's life when her best friend's boyfriend tries to kiss her. And afterwards, he posts it to Facebook, turning it round so that it sounds like SHE came onto HIM. And so, her boyfriend Jake, dumps her and so do all her friends. She cracks under the added pressure of GCSE's. Her life, like her quilt, is falling apart.


5. Viral

I managed to avoid Lola for the rest of the day. I hadn't decided what I was going to do yet. When I got home, I called out "HELLO EVERYBODY!!!" to anyone who cares, aka no one. Because there is no one home.

I turned on my iPad which I got for my fourteenth birthday. One year old. I tapped the little Facebook icon. I had one new notification. Someone had tagged me in a photo. Nothing new. I clicked on it. But nothing could prepare me for what I saw. Because what I saw was a fuzzy, but definitely recognisable photo of me... with my hand on Tom's arm. You could see Tom's back, and some of his head because the shot was taken as he was turning to face me. And the look on my face was like the one with which a mother would look at a child. I was aiming for condescension, but I got love. Pure love in my eyes... Caring and forgiving. That is what my face said. And... Jake was also tagged. Which means that he would have seen it as well. I knew that this photo would probably ruin my relationship with Jake... I put my head in my hands, and, for the second time in two days, I sobbed. For about ten minutes. Until I heard a sound like a bubble popping. New notification. I didn't really have the heart to look at it, but when I saw that it was a post from Tom, I had to see. And that was when I knew that my quilt was lucky. Because it was worse than I ever could have imagined. Tom had posted...this.

I wanted to explain that the photo of Liss and I is not my fault. She came onto me. I came over to talk, because she was alone, and then she just kissed me. The photo clearly shows the look in her eyes as she kissed me. Lola, please forgive me, and Jake, please never forgive her.

All I could do was stare blankly at my screen. I couldn't believe that this could ever happen... What have I done in my life to deserve this? I am not a bad person. And I definitely cannot blame it on the "frame of mind" I am in when I think my luck will be bad. This was either karma, or the worst luck imaginable. 

I decided that I need to do something about this. Soon, I would call Lola, and I would call Jake. And I would call that SOB Tom, and demand that he explain to me what the egg is going on in his mind. But first, I needed to eat something. I needed comfort food. So I made myself an easy dinner. I poured some chicken soup into one of Mum's huge mugs, heated it, stirred it up and left it to cool. Then I made some hot chocolate in my favourite mug. I have had it since I was eleven. I wrote a quick note for Mum saying that I had made myself dinner, and went upstairs. Although it was only five, I closed my curtains, turned on my little lamp and the TV, and put on my snuggliest pyjamas. I crawled into bed and tried to relax and forget everything that had just passed with some soup and some stupid TV. At first I went for a comedy, but it made me feel like crying, so I put on a drama. Hello, Made In Chelsea. God, I don't know if anyone in England is like that, let alone Cornwall. It was the most ridiculous show on Earth, but I watched it anyway and it did make me feel a little better. 

By the time it was over, I didn't feel like reliving the pain after I went through so much to get rid of it. Could I put it off until tomorrow? (Inside my head, this is like my catchphrase.) I thought that no one would probably want to talk to me right now, least of all Jake, so I decided to wait until tomorrow, when I could talk in person and they couldn't just ignore my calls or hang up. So I watched another drama and futilely tried to forget all about it.

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