Lissy's Patchwork Life

Liss has everything she wants- three brilliant friends, loving parents, a boyfriend, and school is going well. She has a patchwork quilt on her bed. It is her favourite thing in the world. But one day, her quilt breaks. Torn in pieces. Which is what happens to Liss's life when her best friend's boyfriend tries to kiss her. And afterwards, he posts it to Facebook, turning it round so that it sounds like SHE came onto HIM. And so, her boyfriend Jake, dumps her and so do all her friends. She cracks under the added pressure of GCSE's. Her life, like her quilt, is falling apart.


6. Seams

 The next morning, I was absolutely terrified to go to school and face everyone the next day. I was shaking, and by the time I got to school, I had broken out in a cold sweat. My chest felt tight as I walked up to my form room. I paused outside, and took a deep breath. Trying to hold myself together, I turned and entered the room. Everyone went quiet for a moment. People twisted round to look at me, a lot more often than usual, with glances full of contempt. I tried to put them out of my mind and look for the people who really mattered. 

 Our usual four-seat table was empty. Instead, Lola, Tillie and Kitty were sitting at a small table in the corner. Lola whipped her head round at me for a split second with the darkest glare I had ever seen, and then looked away like I had never been there. Tillie raised her frizzy, dirty-blonde head and looked at me with an expression of pity. Hers was the kindest face I had seen so far, but it hurt the most because I knew exactly what she was saying to me. "We can't be friends anymore."

 My face grew hot and my throat tight as I sat down roughly at the long, empty table. I was generally popular and not used to sitting alone. Now even more people looked at me. My eyes began to water, but I forced the tears back. If I cry now, the teachers will get involved. They are nosy like that. So I sat up straighter, swallowed the lump in my throat, and hid my face in a book. It had only been a day and I was already feeling like my life was coming apart at the seams... Just like my quilt. A wave of horror crashed over me, full of the realisation that I had already lost my friends, even before I had talked about it with ANYONE.

Meanwhile, I feebly attempted to make it look as if I was actually interested in... What am I reading?


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