Lissy's Patchwork Life

Liss has everything she wants- three brilliant friends, loving parents, a boyfriend, and school is going well. She has a patchwork quilt on her bed. It is her favourite thing in the world. But one day, her quilt breaks. Torn in pieces. Which is what happens to Liss's life when her best friend's boyfriend tries to kiss her. And afterwards, he posts it to Facebook, turning it round so that it sounds like SHE came onto HIM. And so, her boyfriend Jake, dumps her and so do all her friends. She cracks under the added pressure of GCSE's. Her life, like her quilt, is falling apart.


8. Hope

 Feeling as though Lola had driven a shovel into my chest, I began the walk across the school to Jake's form room. This was where he and his friends hung around. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't really warm either. I checked my watch. Fifteen minutes before the bell. I thought I would have to wait till later for Jake, but it was harder than I anticipated to convince the jury (Lola) of my innocence. Because I failed miserably. 

 Soon, I arrived outside Jake's form room. Like this morning, I took a deep breath to try and calm and prepare myself. I held onto the knowledge that, although I had lost my friends, I was innocent and had done nothing wrong. This was Jake. He loves me... But what if that made him extra protective? Oh noo... Calm, calm. Deeep breathing.

 Also like this morning, as soon as I walked in, everyone's heads turned to openly gawk at me with expressions of mild disgust. Then, I saw him and he was all I could see. His flaming red hair, chocolate brown eyes, and the added bonus of being taller than everyone else made him stand out from the crowd. I signalled for him to come outside with me. Reluctantly, he pulled himself from leaning by the window, and came and stood outside of the door, facing me. Hands in pockets, ultimate expression of nonchalance on his face. 

 "So... I'm guessing you've seen the pictures...?" I couldn't have been less smooth. I decided to do the looking-up-at-him-through-my-eyelashes trick to add to the convincing. 

 "Lissy, everyone's seen the pictures." His voice was gentle, and his face wasn't wearing the hard expression that it did when someone insulted me that time and he went and sprained their wrist. Good times. 

 "Jake, I need you to know that I love you, so much and I would never, ever do to you what Tom said I did. I have not even thought about another guy since we've been together. I promise!" He seemed to be bending.

 "But why would Tom lie about that?" He wasn't challenging me, he was trying to figure it out, looking down at his shoes and furrowing his brow. That must mean... He believes me!

 Just to be sure, I asked him. "Jake, are you really on my side?"

 He looked up at me and smiled. "Honey, I'm always on your side."

 I threw my arms around him, and, for the first time today, let tears escape. But unlike all day, these are happy tears.

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