Lissy's Patchwork Life

Liss has everything she wants- three brilliant friends, loving parents, a boyfriend, and school is going well. She has a patchwork quilt on her bed. It is her favourite thing in the world. But one day, her quilt breaks. Torn in pieces. Which is what happens to Liss's life when her best friend's boyfriend tries to kiss her. And afterwards, he posts it to Facebook, turning it round so that it sounds like SHE came onto HIM. And so, her boyfriend Jake, dumps her and so do all her friends. She cracks under the added pressure of GCSE's. Her life, like her quilt, is falling apart.


2. Happy

 Lola was waiting at the gate for me, her eyes full of excitement. She ran right up to me and grabbed me in a spine-crushing hug. This is what she calls a 'best friend hug'. Basically this means that she gets to suffocate me because we are best friends. You just have to deal with it though. "Look! Look what I got you!!" Lola almost screamed. She got a few funny looks. Usually, Lola is the only sensible one out of us, (well, except Tillie, who is basically a fifteen year old female Buddha) but whenever it is someone's birthday, or Christmas or something, she just goes a little (a lot) mad. "Okay, okay! Thanks!!" I enthused. "Get off."

  Still smiling, she let me go and handed me a medium sized cube box. I didn't have a clue what it was, so I ripped off the wrapping paper (chocolate, very tasteful!) and found a small pillow, also chocolate coloured. "It's so that, if you fall asleep in Geography class again, you can be comfortable too!" Lola explained proudly. I sighed dramatically. 

 "You're never going to let that go, are you?" Two months ago, I had fallen asleep during a lesson on deserts. The teacher had to shake me awake. Everyone was laughing their arses off.

 "And, it's chocolate flavoured too, so if you open your mouth and start dribbling, you can lick your pillow and it will be like eating a Mars bar!" She continued, completely ignoring me. I glanced up at Jake, who was standing behind me, just looking at Lola, who was doubled over, laughing. He had learned to generally avoid her during any holiday of significance. The expression on his face was like that of someone who has never seen a cat have a bath.

 I smiled. "Is it really chocolate flavoured though?" I had to ask, I loved chocolate.

 "Try it and see!" Lola cried, laughing again at the thought of me licking a pillow in public.

 "I'll try it later. Thanks! I hope it is flavoured..." I said to set her off again before class. Haha. She couldn't walk straight.

 The second I walked into class, Tillie, Kitty and Lola all yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Jake was also laughing his arse off. Kitty was wearing a party hat and a false beard. Yes, a false beard. Some people might think this was for a special occasion, but the first thing that ran through my mind was - 'Why didn't I expect this?' Kitty is just bonkers. Absolutely bloody crackers. Every Monday, she gels her hair across her face and makes a blonde moustache. Don't ask me why. Believe me, I have tried. Tillie is constantly calm. It is creepy sometimes. She once told me that it is because she is seeing a hypnotherapist because she is stressed. This is bollocks. She is quite literally a teenage Buddha. Just a girl. I kissed Jake goodbye and I settled down on my pillow for the day. Might as well sleep it away.

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