Looking up into you're eyes

The story looking up into you're eyes is about a young girl (diana)who moves to a new school when the first person she meets becomes a couple she meets lots of friends will she fall hard for this boy?


5. The mall(nasty sene)

Harry (p.o.v)
The bell wrang so we got in my car.we went with Niall ,zayn,Liam,Vanssa and Diana. Since it was a friday we got out early.when we got there we went to holister.since the lights where dark Vanssa and niall started to have some fun.they got to the point where Vanssa was unbutting his shirt and rubbing her hand on his abbs.when we were looking for clothes I herd moning and groaning in the fitting room.it was Vanssa and Niall. The people in the store could her every thing it was so funny of course Louis was laughing louis asked"are you guys ganna do that any time soon"when suddenly daniel,perrie and elenor come in. When the lads introduce there girl friends to Diana "nice to meet you Diana "elenor sed.when we finally turn back we see Niall and Vanssa all messed up.then Niall whispers into harry's ear"oww that girl knows how to do it right she left me sore!" I asked laughing "Niall you look like ur about to faint are u ok?" "ok? I feel great!!" Niall replied.we turn to look Vanssa is almost out of breath.then we buy a couple shirts and sweaters.then we went out for some food "where should we go"I asked niall yells out"NANDO'S!!!" so we sed "sure" and left.
Diana (p.o.v)
when we got there Liam pulls out a spoon from his pocket."why do you have a spoon?they have spoons here to don't they?" "ya but don't you know how many germs are on them?"so we all stoped eating for a second and thought but Niall looked scared then he really didn't care so he kept eating so did all of us because we were starving. Later on in the day we went to the duck pond and tossed pebbles in to the pond trying to skip some stones on the grass we just watched as the ripples were made by the pebbles on the water Harry made up a game I would have to lay down in the grass facing upwards and Harry would have to do push ups on top of me and give me a kiss when he went down.since all of us had boy friends and girl friends we can all play.when we started playing Harry did alot of push ups then I got Harry 's plan when he finally. gave up he fell on top of me we were just holding each other then he started to kiss my neck.
Gently and asked"do you love me truly like I love you?" I replied"yea I love you so much I never loved someone like you before I never gotten this far with anyone." "babe I just want you to know ur the reason I breath u make my life complete and I will never walk out on you I promise"Harry says while putting a wild flower in my hair."I wish I could spend my whole life with you and never to end this moment"he says as he starts to kiss my neck again. "babe we better get going we still have to write our project "as he winks at me.we all got up and went to harry's house to watch a romantic movie.then Harry puts on the movie then he says"Diana can you come with me I can't find the 3d glasses"so I went in his room to go help him then Niall whispers"do a good job on her k bro?" then he grins and shuts the door. Smiling"I'm Tiered I'm going to bed" he sed "me too". knowing what he ment.I pushed him against the wall and made out then unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his arms.then he pulled off my shirt and kissed my neck then undo my bra and drop it on the floor.then I pull of his jeans and he pulls of mine.then I feel harry's passion for Me l moaned his name "Harry!!" "oh Diana" he groaned. "don't stop!" he says.I give up and lay on top of him "I love you"he says "I love you too"I replied and pasted out the whole night.when I finally woke up the next morning I saw Harry beside me "good morning babe sleep well?"he asked. I replied "yea but I'm hurt and I'm brused why?" "that's beacuse I fucked you right it ok I'm brused to I feel so sore do you?"he asked. "yea I feel like I was his by 60 soccer balls!" I sed laughing . "can I take a shower?"I asked."yea"he sed. I took a shower and put on some clothes I bought at hollister.my mum called me and asked where I was I tolled her at my friends house she sed ok be back by 3pm.so I went home and spent the week end at my aunts house with my cousins so I tolled Harry good bye and tolled him I'll be back tues day then I hugged him good bye and gave him a kiss I was ganna miss him.
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