Looking up into you're eyes

The story looking up into you're eyes is about a young girl (diana)who moves to a new school when the first person she meets becomes a couple she meets lots of friends will she fall hard for this boy?


7. The carnival

Diana (p.o.v)later on that week a carnival opened up right next to the beach so we all decided to go. Vanssa brought her camera to the carnival so we can have memory's. So we walked in and payed for our tickets.first we played a cuple of games we got to the tossing games" niall sed if u lose this game u have to paint ur face like a bunny"Vanssa sed while laughing." sure but if I win every one has to paint there face" niall sed.";nooooo don't win lose! lose! I sed sarcastically. Niall grabed the ball and threw it at the stack of pins and sent the pins flying" I..then Harry says " I want to be a pussy cat wat do you want to be?" I asked me "ummm I'm not sure um maby a tiny butter fly?" Louis yelled out ; " I WANT TO BE A CAROT "; "there is no carrots Louis"Liam sed."no I want to be a carrot"he yelled. Then we all go get our face painted."excuse me mam but can u make me a carrot?!"Louis sed excitedly "Louis for the last time they can't make u a carrot!!"Liam sed. "yes mr. we can paint carrots that is one of our options on the board"sed the ladythat works there. Louis gives Liam a bitch face and says "Iiiiii tolled uu what now huh wat now!!" Liam just smiles and says"sure ok Louis wat ever" after we got done painting our faces we went on a fairis wheel it was night and Vanssa asked"where not going on that one are we?"she asked scared beacuz she scared of hights "don't worry baby I'll hold on to you if u get scared"Niall says and grabs vanssa's hand. We get on when were having a good time when suddenly we get stuck on top of the fairis wheel Vanssa yelled " niall hold me!" Niall replied "it's ok babe it's ok I'm right here for u baby"he sed whispering in her ear while she wraped her arms around Niall. Zayn and perry(<- srry spelling) were both lauging their asses off becuz Louis had an ice-cream in his hand and elenor accidentally droped it on a bald mans head down below. me and Harry were laughing so hard then Harry moved the hair out off my eyes and put it behind my ears and sed" your eyes are so bright u make the stars look like there not shining" and kissed my lips so softly every time we kiss I fall even deeper in love with him.when finally the fairis wheel started moving Vanssa wouldn't let go of niall till she reached the bottom. Niall gave her a kiss on her head and hugged her. Niall asked kindly"do u want me to win u stuffed animals?" so we all went to go play some games and grab a snack.when we where about to leave we all met up by the Nialls car Niall had won Vanssa a huge not big but huge stuffed pannda later on we all got in the car with our hands filled with stuffed animals so Niall and Vanssa went there flat and I went to mine with Harry. Harry helped me stack up all my stuffed animals in a corner then after we kissed goodbye by the door and sed good night
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