Looking up into you're eyes

The story looking up into you're eyes is about a young girl (diana)who moves to a new school when the first person she meets becomes a couple she meets lots of friends will she fall hard for this boy?


6. The arrival

Diana (p.o.v)
after the week end and Monday past by I went back to school on Monday .when I got to school I saw Liam and Louis I asked" where's Harry ?" Louis replied"I don't know I guess he's not here yet.hey is it true that Harry and you had... I replied"yea umm it was kinda weird cuz at first I didn't want to do it but I ended up doing it so ya" Louis and Liam started laughing I asked "whats so funny?" Liam replied "hahaha did you feel sore after that?" I replied "yea so wat?" Liam answered "because Harry told me that every time he does it he ends up making her sore and he sed I want to be gentle with this one I don't want her to be hurt but i guess he failed haha" "hmm ok but is that bad to be gentle?"I asked "no it just means he didn't want to hurt you if u got fucked hard that means he wanted all of you but that's the mistake he makes but don't worry he still loves you Harry has never fallen in love with somebody so fast like he did with you but he truly loves you"Liam sed."so what did you do over the week end and Monday ?"Louis asked "oh I went to a kids party It was fun I got to see my cusines becuse I haven't seen them in a long time they live in California,hey did Harry tell u to protect me while he's not here?" Liam replied "ya he got scared from last time". "aww that's so sweet of Harry and of course u guys aww thanx". "its no big deal"sed Louis . Then I saw Harry.Harry came runing towards me he picked me up by waist and put me in the air. As Harry say"Diana iv missed you,so how was the trip to California?" I replied "it was great to see all my cuisines again its been 8years since iv last seen them" Harry sed"iv been worried that u would have gotten hurt" "why" I asked "because then you wouldn't be able to come to the carnival with me,do you want to go?"Harry asked "sure is the group coming?"I asked "yea"sed Harry
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