Looking up into you're eyes

The story looking up into you're eyes is about a young girl (diana)who moves to a new school when the first person she meets becomes a couple she meets lots of friends will she fall hard for this boy?


2. Meeting the boys

As we walk out the door some thing at the back of my head tolled me does Harry like me?ever since I felt some thing I couldnt realize was I in love?anyways we see a group of boys .Harry introduced me to his friends. First I saw a boy with bright blond hair and ocean blue eyes he sed"hi I'm Niall"he says in a Irish accent.then a boy with brown hair with a stripe of blond "hi I'm zayn"."hello there I'm Liam sed a boy with dark brown hair in a soft voice."HI!!!! I'm Louis " yells a boy with sky blue eyes and brown hair."hi Niall ,zayn,Liam,and Louis nice to meet you"I replied. As I her Niall whisper "nice" while looking at me.then as we sat down and ate lunch Nialls girlfriend comes out ."Hey babe"Niall says as he kisses his girlfriend on the mouth.he introduces her to me "hi I'm Vanssa " "hi im diana"she was really pretty from then on we became really good friends.then she asked" are you harries girlfriend?".umm I didn't know what to say so I just sed nothing.then suddenly Harry grabs my hand and says"ya we started datting this morning" I was so confused.then Louis yelled out "kiss! Kiss! Kiss!". I can tell he was nervous I wasn't sure what was going on I was scared I face the other way then Harry puts his finger under my chin and looks at me he gives me a kiss a sweet slow romantic one. I didnt know what to do so I didn't turn away I just waited till he was done. Louis was just saying that so he could bug Harry if I wasnt his gf.during the whole lunch we where holding hands.when the bell finally rang we went to history.when I was about to walk in to class Harry grabed my hand and sed" can I talk to you?". "sure?"I sed. Harry sed"I'm very sorry of what I did I was doing it because louis would be bugging me if he found out u wherent my gf" I'm sorry.when I was thinking about the kiss I actualy..liked it. I didn't know what to say then Harry turned and looked at me and sed "Diana do you want to pretend? Or do you really want to....be my grilfriend we where so close to each other holding both of our hands. Harry sed " I know we pretended but I want this to be for reall,when we kissed I fell for you do you feel the passion I feel for you?I don't want to freak you out but I I love you.do you love me ? I did love him but I didnt say anything what I did was hold Harry by his neck and kiss him while he put his hands on my waist and we made out . So I guess it was official we were going out.my heart was over whelmed.luckily when we went into class we sat by each other we were holding hands when we walked in of cours Louis and the rest of us were there.when we sat down liam pointed out "Harry ur shirt is un buttoned". Louis laughed "hahaha get a hold of your self tiger she's younger then you" when Louis sed that I didn't care I love him no mater how old that's how true love works.ms.Diaz our history teacher made an experiment she sed"we will be doing a project with our partners you need to write a book report " I knew what that mention it ment we would be going to each others houses for the project .Harry had a grin on his face.Harry says"I'd like to know what's the color of your celling" omg Louis started bursting in laughter I couldn't help it but to laugh Harry grabed my hand and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.
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