Looking up into you're eyes

The story looking up into you're eyes is about a young girl (diana)who moves to a new school when the first person she meets becomes a couple she meets lots of friends will she fall hard for this boy?


3. After school

Diana (p.o.v)
when the bell wrang to go home me and Harry gave each other our phone numbers.all of us were out side waiting for our rides,When it was freezing cold Harry let me wear his jacket.I could tell that Harry was cold so I decided to sit on his lap.we sat there talking to each other . Vanssa decided to do the same too.I was deeply in love.I asked "how long have you guys been dating?" Vanssa replied"5 months" "wow I hope we will last that long"I sed. "no ?what are you saying, were not ganna last 5 months!,were ganna last forever"said Harry "aww Harry" as I give him a kiss on the cheek."hey Diana want to go to the mall after school tomorrow?"Vanssa asked."sure"I replied "Niall ,Harry do you want to come too?"Vanssa asked "sure"Niall and Harry replied.then my ride came and I went home my mum can tell I was in a really good mood my mum asked"why are you smiling? Did u have a good day at school?" "yea"I sed"it was great first day and I all ready have aaa"I stoped my self before I blurted it out."first day and I already have a FRIEND I emphasized it. "good for you"my mum said.later on that day we had to go to sleep.I couldn't sleep at all.I missed Harry all ready.when my mom went to bed I got a text from
Harry:hey baby
Diana:hey Hun
Harry:I can stop thinking about you
I want you here with me.
Diana:I feel the same way.but we can't were to
Young.I don't want to get into all that drama
Harry:what?I ment I want you here in my arms.
Not that I want to....unless youu...
Diana:umm I'll see u tomorrow sugar.
Harry:ok babe I love you.
Diana:I love you too.
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