Smiling on The Outside, Doesn't Mean Smiling on The Inside

This story is about a young girl Kate, going through life and trying to find her place. It is through her perspective and shows the ups and downs of life and how she can still smile.



Hey guys, 

So as some of you know, I have depression. If you didn't know, well now you do and that is just one small thing you know about me. This next part is going to sound cocky and up myself. Anyway, I hear a lot of good feed back from you guys, and it really does bring a smile to my face, so if you want to get to know me more, as in the real me, not a character in a book or a writer, but me. Then you can go to, type in Sydquoia and click on me, ask away. See why I write or what inspires me to write these Movellas. And in return, for every question I will write a new chapter, whether you want another chapter for 'Love Haunted', 'Smiling on the Outside, Doesn't Mean Smiling on the Inside', an imagine for yourself or a new Movella I'm semi working on. Let me know, simply send me a question on then when I reply, if you're anonymous, screenshot it and send it to me on twitter (@sydquoialuv1d), or if you're not, send me a tweet what you would like.


Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate everything <3

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