Smiling on The Outside, Doesn't Mean Smiling on The Inside

This story is about a young girl Kate, going through life and trying to find her place. It is through her perspective and shows the ups and downs of life and how she can still smile.


1. Before The Baby


Working at a ski resort has its ups and downs. A good thing is when you’re on your break you can play in as much snow as you like. A bad thing is you might fall in love. That's where our story begins, at a ski resort in Melbourne, Australia. A beautiful young woman named Jane was working in a small ski resort in 1987. Jane was tall, brunette hair, but liked to dye it blonde, she had tanned skin and liked it that way. Simon was visiting with another woman at this Melbourne ski resort. He was tall, brunette hair, from England and was a bit chubby.

When Jane saw him she fell instantly for him, she knew it was wrong because he was with another woman. So she decided to just be friends. A year later they were dating. And  two years after that they married. They had an amazing wedding in England. Jane had a carriage ride in with her Father. But on their way they passed a pub with no other than Simon and his groomsmen in. So sadly the wedding was delayed due to Simon turning up late.

Anyway enough about that, on to the children! The first child they had was a boy. He unfortunately passed away a couple days after he was born. A miracle came in Autumn, or Spring for American people, of 1992 as a baby girl, named Cara, was born.  Cara was and only child for two years until Jane fell pregnant with twins. Once again, they didn't make it. Next came Paterson, he was born in the Summer of '96. Paterson was a premature baby and everyone was scared that he wouldn't make it, thankfully he did. Two years later, half way through the winter, that's when I was born.  Hi, I'm Katharina, but everyone calls me Kate. You already know a bit about me, but not everything.  Just over a year after I was born came my little sister. Jerica was born was born with some defects. Jerica had spurs on the bottom of her feet, her tongue was connected to the gum on her teeth, She also had a heart murmur. 

As you can see I have an older sister and brother and a younger sister, also Simon and Jane are my parents. At this point we are all living in Victoria, Australia. I can hardly remember being a baby. Seeing my siblings for the first time, I would have loved it; Cara would have loved it, seeing all her new little siblings. I see pictures from when I was born and I couldn't imagine what was going through my head, or even if I could think at the time.

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