Lost Then Found

a girl that runs away and gets found by her hero


2. unsuspected change

when i wake up im laying on a couch in a fancy house, so i know i'm not in a hospital. i sit up and see and see bags by the door, i also see records and rewards on the wall. "where am i?" i say hoping someone will hear me. i hear foot steps and start to get scared. the mystery person turns the corner and i freeze in surprise at who im looking at. "K-Kellin Quinn." i finally let out of my mouth. "your finally up! its been three hours!" "what happened? how did i get here?" i ask needing a response. "i found out passed out on the street, saw your shirt. i had to help!" i totally forgot i was wearing my sleeping with sirens shirt. "oh." that's all i say, but i finally get the courage to ask "where am i?" he lets out a laugh and says "my house in Michigan. don't worry your safe here." "Michigan?!? how? i live in New Jersey, well i used to, i ran away." i reply. "that's why your her." Kellin tells me in a relaxing voice, then adds "i want to adopt you." this makes me freeze and i cant let out anything to say. i finally hear myself 'really?" he sits besides me and says "yes." a simple but a effective answer. he adds "so how did you pass out anyways?" i tell him about my mind tsunami, after i tell him he pauses. then continues "that's not gonna happen anymore. i'm here to protect you." i cant help but smile, but its not just a smile its an ear to ear smile and i let out a giggle. now hes smiling and we both start laughing for no reason. i'm just happy to be here with my favorite singer. a knock on the door stops the laughter and i start to worry, what id its my dad? i get up and run into the kitchen and hide.

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