Lost Then Found

a girl that runs away and gets found by her hero


1. leaving

"im done living with you!" i screamed at the top of my lungs to my dad. i keep thinking to myself how he never lets m e do anything i want , plus hes always abusing me and I'm sick of it. his screaming brings me back to reality when he screams "then leave no one want you hear, your mothers gone anyway!"i feel salty tears start to stream down my face as i remember watching her as she pulled the trigger and committed suicide. i also remember as she fell to the floor and my dad running over to me and telling me that now shes gone he could do whatever he wanted. it didn't make sense then, but i now clearly know what he meant. my own crying brought me back, now needing to stay focused but just cant. i remember what he said to me last and screamed "its your fault left! I'm leaving!"  he stood there a second then whispered "no its not" i walked away to my poster covered room. i grab everything i need and put if in a duffel bag. i run down stairs and open the fridge i grabbed everything i needed once again. i didn't know but the didn't matter at the moment. i start to walk out the door the i heard a gun shot. i spin around and see my dad with the same gun my use to kill herself with. i ask him "why you doing this, you told me leave so i am." he puts the gun down and i back out of the door, spin around and run down the empty street. at the corner i turn around.... no ones there. i relaxed and turn back around and start to walk again. "where am i going to go? how am i going to survive?" i mumble to myself.  everything starts to flood my mind, but its not a shallow flood, its s tsunami. i cant control my thoughts telling me the worst things about myself. i cant stop it! i start to feel dizzy and i fall to the ground the last thing i see is someone leaning over me then  my world goes black.

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