They Don't Know About Us

It was just another normal day for Sarah Palvin. She was visiting her grandmother's hotel.

An unexpected visit from her favourite band brings her closer to them making them want her in a video. To go with them to England was a huge responsibility.

Faking love and dealing with the fame.

She's quite a bit younger then the boys and when she was supposed to fake love, she literally fell in love, HARD! For someone that is almost 3 years older than her.

No one asked for their opinion on things. They didn't know about them. Together. And how much they meant to one another.

The only thing holding Jessica back is the fact that she could get hurt.

Join Sarah, One Direction and more in They Don't Know About Us

A story about fame, love, falling in love, laughs and being hurt.


4. So It Wasn't Just A Dream?

Sarah’s POV


      I shot out of bed. Morning did come fast! It was cold in the room so I took the quilt off the bed and wrapped it around me. Grabbing my phone, I walked out of the room. Niall said early today right?


I find my way to their room, still draped in my blanket. When I came to their room, the door was already slightly open. Up already?


I still can’t get over the fact that I am in this situation. One Direction walks into my family hotel, they ask for me to hang out with them, THEN they give me all their numbers trusting that I won’t leak them on the internet! It’s like a fanfiction/dream!


I opened the door all the way.... Empty.


My heart died a little. The beds were done up perfectly like no one slept in them. There was no gaming system hooked up to the tv. There was no food on the table and there was no suitcases.


Was it all actually a dream?


I quickly opened up my phone. No messages.


I am beyond confused.


The light wasn’t on, the only light showing was from the hallway. You could see my silhouette in the light.


I went straight to my contacts. This will prove whether this all was a dream or not.


My heart sunk again.


There in my contacts was five beautiful phone numbers.








Lewis ;)




It wasn’t a dream.


I am more than beyond confused.


Just then a tall figure of a man came up behind me. I expected whoever it was to move but they didn’t.


I could feel my breath quicken.


PEDO PEDO PEDO!!!!!!!!!!!


“Sarah?” A deep, husky british accent said. Harold.


“Y-you, you guys a-are g-gone?” I stuttered. I’m not a very smooth person.


“Yeah, erm, we are leaving earlier than expected.” He said. A part of me is dying because I have no pictures of this experience and lets just say, this doesn’t happen to everyone. This is a one and a million experience.


“Why are you back?”


“I forgot something.” Harry said. He was VERY tall. He was wearing his sunglasses. There were probably people with cameras outside.


“I’m pretty sure that room is empty. You guys left it like no one was even there.” I said shocked. He just smiled.


“We don’t want to be bad guests now, would we? And that's where you’re wrong.” Harry said. He walked over to the bed I assume he slept in, Oh my god, and he pulled out his phone from under it.


“I was going to text you to let you know the change in plans but as you can see..” He said gesturing to his phone forgotten under the bed.


“Oh, so this is it then?” I asked. I was sort of shaking. I didn’t know what was going to happen between me and One Direction from here on out.  


What I think will happen is that I will exchange one text per boy of One Direction until I feel that they don’t want to talk to me and they will soon forget about me, my name, my face, my everything. I will miss you One Direction. But I’ll never forget you, You’re names, You’re faces because you ARE my everything.


“I think so... Sad to say. We aren’t going to be back in Canada for another few months. Who knows? Maybe we’ll bump into each other on the streets in a few years?” He suggested. I couldn’t help but laugh. To laugh at his attempt to make me feel better. To laugh at the fact that he doesn’t think he’ll forget about me. Trust me Harry, I’m easy to forget... I should know.


“Highly unlikely but okay!” I said.


“Or we can skype?” He suggested as well. I thought about it.


“Maybe that can be arranged.” I smiled. We stood there in silence for what seemed like hours.


“Well.. I should probably get going. The lads are probably wondering what’s taking so long.” Harry said. He still awkwardly stood there.


“Oh, alright. It was lovely meeting you guys.” I said.


“What? No hug?” He grinned. asdfghjkl; I smiled, being able to feel the blush creep onto my face. I leaned in and he engulfed me in a giant Harry hug. He smelled so good. He smells of ginger, mint and citrus all at once. That sounds weird.. but it smells like heaven on men.


“I’ll text you later, yeah?” He offered. I smiled again.


“I’d like that.” I said. We said our final goodbyes and I watched as he left all together.


I slid down the wall and sat there just thinking of the weekend I had. I shouldn’t be this calm.


I’ll never forget this moment.


Niall’s POV


“Where’s Harry?” The driver asked me as I help load the last suitcase on the bus.


“Er, I’m not sure. He said he had to go inside to get something.” I told him. He nodded.


I know exactly what he was doing. He was going to see Sarah. My blood boiled at that. He is here for work, not to see some beautiful girl that he just met!


I know what he’s after. He’s going to miss her. I think we all are actually. She’s really chill and fun to be around, she gets along well. But there is something really special about her that I can’t put my mind across.


Most of all, I’m going to miss Canada. Love it here! The crowd is amazing! Loud!


Were coming back soon I think! Not sure why.. just saw it on a schedule list at Management.


Sarah’s POV


Sleeping tonight will be hard. Too many things are racing through my mind today. i’m never going to see them again.


Why should I even bother telling people about this? They won’t believe me. Everyone know that I’m the biggest Directioner in the school so those girl, as in the girls who think they’re all that and they don’t really like me that much because I know more about One Direction then them, would take me down. Trust me, they have that power but I can tell they’re waiting for just the right time and if I bring up meeting One Direction, It will be the end of me.


It’s going to be the death of me just trying to keep the GIANT secret in!





~Natalie <3

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