They Don't Know About Us

It was just another normal day for Sarah Palvin. She was visiting her grandmother's hotel.

An unexpected visit from her favourite band brings her closer to them making them want her in a video. To go with them to England was a huge responsibility.

Faking love and dealing with the fame.

She's quite a bit younger then the boys and when she was supposed to fake love, she literally fell in love, HARD! For someone that is almost 3 years older than her.

No one asked for their opinion on things. They didn't know about them. Together. And how much they meant to one another.

The only thing holding Jessica back is the fact that she could get hurt.

Join Sarah, One Direction and more in They Don't Know About Us

A story about fame, love, falling in love, laughs and being hurt.



Sarah’s POV


My eyes shot open.




Where was I?


Oh yes...


Wait! Who woke me up?!


I gasp for air as I take in my surroundings.


Something wasn't right...


My Grandmother’s cat was sitting on me but that wasn’t all that was there.


My eyes were still very blurry from being asleep that all I saw was five silhouettes  that seemed to be male.


I could feel my face becoming red. Who were they? All I could see was black...


My eyes started to adjust to the light.


I could see the figures back away as I jump up. I rubbed my eyes till they became clear.


My heart stopped as I saw who those five figures are.


Lets just say I could name everything about them if someone asked me to.




I could feel my face getting even redder then it was before.


I looked at their confused faces. I was just staring at them..


I then looked at my outfit. I was wearing my Pyjamas in front of One Direction.


Yes. I said One Direction.


The boys I'd stalk for hours online.


The boys who write and sing the songs I knew every word to.


*Queue the Fangirling*


Be cool Sarah. Try to at least.


“Way to go Louis! Sorry love”, Liam said. he had brown hair that flopped perfectly on his head. His birthmark really stands out more than I thought. CUTE!


*Mental Fangirling*


“I’m sorry too. It was my fault”, Louis admitted. What a gorgeous human being.


But let's take a moment to talk a out the fact that ONE FRICKEN DIRECTION is talking to me.. No security.. Perfect time to kidnap.. I mean WHAT?


Like I'm not creepy or anything.


“Oh, It’s okay, What were you guys doing anyway?” I said. God that sounded so stupid! They are going to hate me for life now for sounding stupid!


Maybe I should actually let them reply...


Niall put his hands to his face obviously embarrassed to be around them.


"Erm.. We were erm.. We saw your cat?" Harry said but it kinda came out as a questions.


"It's my grandma's cat." I said.


"We're sorry by the way. I'm Harry." Harry said as he smirked. He held out his hand. I quickly took it and stared into his beautiful emerald green orbs. ..


Snap out of it!


I nodded as I let go of his hand.


"I'm Liam and this is Niall, Zayn and Lou-" Liam started.


"Louis." I finished his sentence. Harry smirked.


OMG! Is this even happening to me?!


I'm living every fangirls dream!


“So you're familiar with our work?” Liam asked.


"Well.. Erm, I know your names." I blushed. Maybe they would actually want to talk to me if they didn't know I was such a big fan...


"But you've heard of us?" Harry asked. God, his voice was asdfghj kl it's just too much to explain.


I'm gonna melt like a candle soon.


"Of course! My best friend is like obsessed!" I lied. She likes them but she isn't all like 'obsessed' as me.


"What's your name darling?" Niall asked. Asdfghj kl omfg


'Whats your name darling. Your name darling. Name darling. Darling. Darling. DARLING!!!! *mentally breaths like a pregnant woman going into labor*


They just kept looking at me. Louis cleared his throut.


"Oh!" I nervously laughed. "Sarah. My name is Sarah Palvin." I stated.


Good one Sarah..


"Nice to meet you Sarah.Is your family staying here?" Zayn asked.


"Naw, my family partly owns the place so I'm just here being bored out of my skull." I said then sighed.


"Well if its okay with the rest of you lads, She could hang with us for a few hours before our interview." Liam suggested.


SaY yEs! SaY yEs! SAY YES!!!!!! OMFG! Is this actually happening right now like... Asdfghj kl.


They all mumbled in agreement. I just smiled hugely.


"So it's settled! I hope you like video games. That's what we've got planned!" Louis said and ran over to Paul who was getting their room.


DANG! There is security! Boooooo! No kidnapping *insert sad face here*


I didn't even realize they were leaving already to go to their rooms.


Niall grabbed my arm as pulled me with them. I felt sparks!




No. It was just my fangirl instincts but we shall go with sparks.


So I felt 'sparks'. ;)


The elevator ride was weird. I didn't even know what to say. I just breathed in their air.


I should jar it then sell it.


But that would be creepy!


I could end world hunger with the money I gain on that!


Paul gave me a strange look when he saw me.


"Don't worry Pauly. She's cool." Niall said as he grabbed my arm as they all went inside. I just stood their all awkwardly as they all dropped their luggage and flopped on the beds.


"Finally, some real beds!" Louis screamed into the pillow.


"Boys, I have to go to a meeting. So see you at 20 o'clockish." Paul said in his Irish accent. I like Paul.

The next few hours are gonna be my life.




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