They Don't Know About Us

It was just another normal day for Sarah Palvin. She was visiting her grandmother's hotel.

An unexpected visit from her favourite band brings her closer to them making them want her in a video. To go with them to England was a huge responsibility.

Faking love and dealing with the fame.

She's quite a bit younger then the boys and when she was supposed to fake love, she literally fell in love, HARD! For someone that is almost 3 years older than her.

No one asked for their opinion on things. They didn't know about them. Together. And how much they meant to one another.

The only thing holding Jessica back is the fact that she could get hurt.

Join Sarah, One Direction and more in They Don't Know About Us

A story about fame, love, falling in love, laughs and being hurt.


3. Freinds?

Niall’s POV




She was. She was beautiful.


She doesn’t seem like my type but that doesn’t stop the fact that I think she’s fit.


She seems too out going for me. I like a girl that is still out going but not too much that every guy is going to fall for her. I bet she has every guy at her feet wanting her. I don’t like that.


Actually. She's like a girl version on Harry...


Now that's just awkward...


She's better than Harry.


Brown Curly hair that goes down mid back, tall, slim, green eyes.


The only thing that is different from Harry is that she has freckles. Little ones.


“How old do you think she is?” Zayn Whispered in my ear. Now that I think of it, I do not know. She looks maybe like 17 or something. Don't even know.


Harry got out the DS's and a Xbox from his suitcase.


Harry only wears a white T-shirt and dark trousers all the time so we just shove all our electronics like that in his bag. Like obviously we couldn't  use Louis because he brings more clothes than we all have combined.


We all had to teach her how to play but she was a fast learner.


The first game was against Harry and I against Liam and Sarah.


Yeah, Liam and Sarah won..


I didn't care but Harry over dramatically went over to the corner and sulked. Drama Queen.


I just sighed.


"Ah HA! I WON! SUCK IT QUIFFY!!!" Louis yelled at Zayn whom were both playing on the DS's. Zayn ran over with Harold.


"I wanna ask you some questions." Harry said to her as he came back and sat on her lap. She smiled at his goofiness. I have to admit, I was a bit jealous that he is making a move on her. I didn't like her but I like that feeling of being the one girls like. In America, the girls like me. Well that sounds really cocky. I didn't mean it like that. Harry doesn’t know that he can get everyone falling for him. I wish I was like that.


"Okay. Why?" She asked.


"Cause we could be twins. We have curly hair and green eyes." He said playing with her hair.


"As sad as it sounds, we're not the same age." She said laughing. The Styles charm is working on her.


"How old are you?" I burst out without thinking. She swallowed.


"Erm. Young." She said.


"How young..?" Zayn added.


"Like 17ish?" She said more as a question. We just looked at her.


"17 in like a month." She finally said. We all nodded and went back to our games.


16? She looked 18. Oh wells.




It was later and Paul already came back.


"The interview was cancelled so boys  catch up on some sleeping. Miss, I think you should go now." Paul said. I was getting tired.


"Bye Sarah!!!" We all yelled at her.


"Bye!!!!! I'll miss you!" She yelled back and waved. Harry looked really happy today.


"Do you have twitter?" I asked getting up. The boys followed my movement.


"No I don't. I can make one." She suggested.


"Yeah! That would be cool and we can all follow you. When you make it, just text us the name." I said.


"Text you?" She asked.


"Do you have a phone?" Liam asked her.


"Yeah but I don't have your numbers.." She said.


And with that, we all added our numbers into her phone.


She all gave us hugs then left.


I shut the door behind her with a grin on my face. I like her. She's a fun person. I should probably go text my 'friend' from back at home. I promised I'd stay in contact with her over the tour. He secretly dated for a while. I really like her but we’re ‘just friends’ now.


"That was fun," Harry said whilst wiggling his eyebrows.


I threw a pillow at his face.


Sarah's POV


Hdisndnfkrkekwlqvaggggshsbshhgghikdbgfbffcffggchenfbdbennrndndjsnshhe svgshshendns dhuhjkndnshebd sdnbddhue.


Yeah that is my words now.


But like.




My mind is racing.




I walked to my room and threw my phone containing the lovely information to go change.




Could I sell them?




Like why would I do that?


They're my friends.






I changed into different pjs and when I came back it was flashing.


Who the hell would want to text me?!


Like c'mon, it's me.


I looked at the number. It didn't have a name with it but it was in my contacts.


Asdfghj kl


It was one of THEM!


- we forgot to mention that you can't give our numbers to Anyone. Okayyyyy? Thanks, Love ~Liam


To: Liam Payne

- Gotcha :) they are safe with me. Good night :) ~J


From: Liam Payne

- Nite love :) ~Liam


When I'm with them, I feel that I've forgotten that they are famous and that I'm a fangirl. It was just. Just a perfect feeling.


I couldn't help that Harry seemed to not take his eyes off of me. That's probably because he hasn't seen a living single girl up close by herself. Besides from the 74837437383 million fans that follow them here. Funny. There is no fans outside from here...


Must be a secret on their location.


To everyone but ME!




My phone buzzed again.


- Hi! It's Nialler :) had fun today? We're off for the most part tomorrow. Wanna come early tomorrow to our room? ~Niall


To: Niall Horan

- Yeah sure! It was fun! You guys are really good friends to me :) ~J


I cursed as I pressed send.


I already put the friends word on them..


They are going to think I'm wanting too much and they'll leave!


Whoa whoa whoa. It's not like I want the 'D' or anything...








Yeah I said 'lol jk'


I'm too young for that kinda stuff.

I honestly couldn't wait for tomorrow. Could it come sooner? Please? Pleasepleasepleaseplease

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